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4 Ways You Unknowingly Damage Your Phone

4 Ways You Unknowingly Damage Your Phone

Hey guys, welcome to today's article on BeTechwise and it's about ways we unknowingly damage our mobile phones.

  1. CHARGING OVERNIGHT: Charging phones over night tends to destroy the panel of the phone and reduce the battery life though smartphones manufacturers claim these days that when you leave a phone to charge overnight might not cause any harm to the device because smartphones are built are built with special devices that stops the phone from charging automatically when it gets to  100%. This takes us to the another activity that damages a phone.
  2. OVERHEATING: sometimes we use our phone for too long, the phone overheats and tend to slow down. Charging it overnight causes overheating too.
  3. USING IT WHILE CHARGING: some persons get too stuck with the phone even while charging it. A current is being passed into the phone while charging it and when you use it while charging slows down the rate at which it charges, it could get harmful especially when you receive or make a call when the charger is plugged in.
  4. RUNNING OUT OF STORAGE: a smartphone uses storage to process and manage the activities of the CPU and memory. You'll agree with me that whenever you use up the phone storage it becomes slow and maybe lag. 
To be continued.....

Write down the issues you're experiencing on your smartphone using the comment section below, I'll review it and give possible tips or solutions.
Thank you😍😍
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