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How to Save Whatsapp Status Without Status Saver

How to Save Whatsapp Status Without Status Saver

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As we all know Mark Zuckerberg (owner of Facebook) is now the owner of Whatsapp and He has included the story feature to Whatsapp to make it more lively and some users even monetize using the Whatsapp status. Most or all of the Social media he manages have this feature in it but in the form "stories". This feature allows you to easily share images, videos and write-ups on you Whatsapp status to amuse your contacts.

More times than often, you come across a Whatsapp status that that amuses you so much that you watch it over and over again. Then the inevitable happens (the Whatsapp story/status disappears after the stipulated time). Then you find yourself asking,pleading,begging... and this can be so difficult, especially having to ask someone you not in talking terms with to share you the video or image you saw on his/her Whatsapp status previously and then again Application Developers have come to notice this and they are using it as an avenue to generate income for themselves by developing several application to save Whatsapp status.

However, there is an easier method to save Whatsapp status and that is we've come up with this post to help you go about saving Whatsapp status without having to ask your friend to share it to you or using a third party application.

So you don't have to ask someone to send you a picture/video you viewed their Whatsapp status, you don't need an extremely high tech knowledge and it is absolutely free. All you have to do is follow these simple steps below;


After you've viewed the Whatsapp status and you wish to save it,

1. Open your file Manager
2. Press "option" key 》settings 》check "view hidden files"
3. Go back to the File Manager and scroll to the WhatsApp folder.

File manager 

4. Open "Media" folder
5. Usually the first folder you should see is ".statuses"

6. That folder contains all the viewed statuses over the 24hours period.
7. Take note that they automatically delete themselves after 24hours ( The exact time it deletes from Whatsapp).
8. To save the viewed file for future, move/copy it/them to another folder of your choice.

Before now, many of you have always screenshot Whatsapp status while some use third party application but with the methods listed above, it has become easier to save your contact's Whatsapp status to your device.

NOTE: Whatsapp status automatically deletes after 24 hours, so make sure to save it in another folder.

If you find this post helpful in any way or you wish to share your own idea, please leave a comment in the comment section below.

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