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How To See Saved Wi-Fi Passwords on your Android Device Without Root

How To See Saved Wi-Fi Passwords on your Android Device Without Root

View saved password on Android 10

Today over three billion people on earth own an Android smartphone and would have connected in one way or another to dozens of Wi-Fi networks. Perhaps at school, work, coffee shops, restaurants, church, gym e.t.c. each time the password is typed in, it's saved somewhere on your Android phone for easy access in the future but here comes the problem when you want to actually see maybe one of the password for one of the networks that you've connected to. You may want to connect a second device or maybe you want to help a friend to log in to the same hotspot. But without the actual password, even the one that is saved on your device, you're out of luck.

Fortunately, there are ways to get around this. If you use Android 10 or higher, you can see Wi-Fi passwords directly in your phone's settings. However, if you are using Android 9.0 Pie or lower, you need to know that your device must be rooted.

For Android 10 and higher

Android 10 requires no root or extra app. If your phone is using Android 10 or has been updated to this version, I will give a quick and easy way to view saved Wi-Fi passwords.

Step 1: Find the Wi-Fi settings

Currently there is only one taste of Android 10, and that is the "Stock Android" version directly from Google. In the near future, however, manufacturers such as Samsung will give their own twist to Android 10 by applying an OEM skin such as One UI, which means that the settings menus may be slightly different on your phone.

So it is easier to navigate to the Settings of your phone and the "Wi-Fi" submenu on Stock Android. It is located in Settings -> Network and internet. Once you have found the Wi-Fi settings menu, select it.

Step 2: View Wi-Fi passwords

In the Wi-Fi settings page, open the list of available networks and select the "Saved networks" option. From there you will see a list of all Wi-Fi networks that your phone remembers.

Now choose the "Share" option at the top of the screen. You will be asked to scan your fingerprint or face or enter your PIN or password. After you verify that it's you, a QR code that identifies the SSID and password of the network will be displayed. You can scan this with another device with a QR scanner if you want, but the password is also displayed as plain text under the QR code, so you can copy it from there directly.

For Android 9 and lower (root required)

If you're using a phone with Android 9 pie or lower version of Android, there is no any other method to view saved Wi-Fi password than to root your phone.
See how to view WiFi password on Android with root here

That's it, you're done with it. I hope you find this helpful? Leave a comment below. Thank you.
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