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How to Root your Android Phone using Kingo Root

How to Root your Android Phone using Kingo Root

​​​​Rooting an Android phone can be very handy and at the same time can cause harm to your phone or worse.

But if you actually want to root your phone please note that it can be very risky, so you have to use the correct guide and all, so as not to brick your smartphone.

When you root a phone, it gives you more control over it and unlocks the full potential of your Android phone but smartphones Manufacturers will always disregard the idea of rooting because it could void your warranty and damage the phone if the instructions are not properly followed.

With a rooted phone, you can speed up your device, remove bloatware, change font e.t.c.

However, not all Android phones can be rooted and there some things you need to take into consideration before rooting your phone.

While some Android phones may take minutes to get rooted, some may require a little know-how.

Without further ado, I'm going to walk you through all you need to know about rooting your Android phone from what is rooting, importance of rooting an Android phone down to how to root an Android phone in details.

What is Rooting?

According to Wikipedia, Rooting is the process of allowing users of smartphones, tablets and other devices running the Android mobile operating system to attain privileged control (known as root access) over various Android subsystems.

As Android uses the Linux kernel, rooting an Android device gives similar access to administrative (superuser) permissions as on Linux or any other Unix-like operating system such as FreeBSD or macOS.

In other words, Rooting is the best way to tap into the true full potential of your Android phone.

Advantages of Rooting your Android phone

Rooting your Android phone have several advantages such as changing the look and feel of the phone.

These advantages include;
  • Ability to visually change the theme and color of everything on your Android phone
  • Customize your phone through the use of third party applications
  • Gain full control of the phone, which allows you to overclock and under clock the CPU and GPU
  • Full access to edit, backup, restore and control applications
  • Ability to install custom ROM.

Disadvantages of Rooting your Android phone

  • Bricking your phone: while rooting the device, it's very possible that something might go wrong and maybe your devuce might get corrupted. To prevent this just follow the instructions properly.
  • Voiding your warranty: If you have to send your device back to the manufacturer for repair and your device is already rooted, manufacturers may void your warranty. You can always unroot your Android phone by flashing your software with the backup you made before rooting the phone.
  • Some Apps may not work: Apps like mobile banking apps and Google pay may not start on rooted device. These apps are security conscious and therefore won't start on devices that are prone to little tweaks.
  • Security risk: Rooting causes phone to be vulnerable to attacks from malware and other bugs that can steal your personal data and damage the system.


  • Your phone
  • A computer
  • Kingo root app
  • A USB cord

How To Root Your Android Device With Just One Click.

  1. Download and install Kingo Android Root.
  2. Enable USB Debugging on your phone. To enable USB debugging, go to Setting > About phone > Developer Options
  3. Open the Kingo Android Root application and connect your phone to a computer via USB.
  4. Make sure your battery is well charged to avoid interruption 
  5. Wait for a while for the connection
  6. Click root and wait for it to finish processing. The process may take up to 2 minutes.
  7. After that you device will restart. Congratulations, you have successfully rooted your Android phone using Kingo Root.

How to unroot your Android phone using Kingo Root.

If you have successfully rooted your device, and you later had a change of mind, you can unroot it by following the steps below;
  • Open Kingo Root
  • Click on unroot
That's all about rooting and unrooting your Android phone. I hope you were able to root and unroot your phone with this tutorial.

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