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How to Convert Audio Voice notes into Text On WhatsApp

How to Convert Audio Voice notes into Text On WhatsApp

Voice notes and audio notes are mostly used for easy and fast communication on WhatsApp. The voice note is one prominent feature of WhatsApp that makes it easy for both the learned, lazy and unlearned to chat by recording messages.

The voice note feature has been available on WhatsApp for many years now and has been very handy in times of sending long messages instead of having to spend the whole day typing the message.

Since then, it has become the standard of communication and behavior of users especially the adults or should I say old people to even reply to message with "yes"  or "no" with voice notes.

However, not everyone likes listening to voice notes, I'm actually that kind of person because you would remain on the chat to listen to the voice note until it ends. In other words, you won't be able to minimize the application and still listen to the voice note at the same time.

Thoughts might probably be going through your mind now about how Technology is transforming the world, whether it has caused more harm than good? Save it!! That should be a topic for another day. Let's come to back to the topic here.

So for those who prefer the text to voice or audio notes, there is an application that can transcribe audio messages and voice notes into text.

This app is called Transcriber for WhatsApp, it allows you to convert your WhatsApp voice notes to text.

I know you could be thinking that this might be a long process but nahhh!! You just need to follow four steps and you're done.

Steps to Convert Voice Notes into text on WhatsApp

  • Open Google PlayStore
  • Download Install Transcriber for WhatsApp
  • Open WhatsApp, press and hold the voice note you want to convert into text
  • Click on the share icon on the WhatsApp top bar
  • Choose Transcriber from the share menu
  • Transcriber would pop-up
  • In about 3-5mins the audio would be converted to text and it will appear.

The note of note will be displayed in text.
Although keep in mind, the audio has to be very clear and well spoken or else the text will display another message entirely.

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