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5 reasons you may want to buy iPhone SE2

The release of iPhone SE 2020 (or iPhone 9) this month is undoubtedly a thing of the past.

It has been 5 years since the release of the previous generation iPhone SE, but even so, it still attracts many consumers. Why? Let us take a look at the five irreplaceable advantages of it.

1. Touch ID fingerprint recognition

Apple originally planned to use the more convenient Face ID facial recognition instead of Touch ID. Facts have proved that it is indeed more convenient to look at the unlock than the fingerprint … until the outbreak.

Going out wearing a mask makes Face ID completely tasteless. Many iPhone users simply turn off Face ID and enter the password directly.

However, the classic Touch ID does not have this trouble, and various positions can be unlocked without pressure, and the mask is no problem.

2. No Notch

Although iPhone design has different opinions, everyone’s attitudes to notch should be the same-hinder, iPhone SE 2020 uses the classic 4.7-inch notch-free screen design, although the screen ratio is not high, but can effectively relieve the trouble of obsessive-compulsive disorder.

3. Small and light

In today’s era of 200g mobile phones running all over the ground, what is more exciting than a small screen mobile phone about 150g and 68mm wide? iPhone SE 2020 continues the design of the iPhone 8 body. At present, the mainstream models of similar size and weight on the market are almost extinct. The small and light weight has also become the unique advantage of the iPhone SE 2020.

4. A13 bionic processor as iPhone 11 Pro

iPhone SE 2020 will be replaced with the same A13 bionic processor as iPhone 11 Pro. Although it is not the latest A14, Antutu ’s ultra-500,000 running points still prove that A13 is the current top chip. Such top performance + small screen allows iPhone SE 2020 is worthy of the name of the small steel cannon. If you don’t mind the small screen, iPhone SE 2020 should be a small handheld that many mobile game players like.

5. Budget Price

$ 399.

The price of the National Bank may be only about 3,000 yuan. This price can be regarded as one of the cheapest iPhones in history. One can even remove it if considering inflation.

Of course, as a new phone that is determined to be clear, the iPhone SE 2020 also has many shortcomings, such as not supporting high refresh, no 5G, outdated design, e.t.c, but this is exactly Apple ’s choice, whether it is suitable for itself still depends on the needs, the best is the best, isn’t it?

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