According to TheVerge, Google has confirmed that it will use Google Play services as a carrier to promote the COVID-19 tracking system developed in cooperation with Apple. Android versions higher than 6.0 can obtain relevant updates.

Earlier this month, it was reported that Apple and Google will work together to create a COVID-19 tracking system that uses Bluetooth to anonymously track the location of mobile phones, remind people whether they have contact with people with Coronavirus, and provide APIs for developers to use.

Foreign media believes that for Google, how to promote this tracking system will be crucial. For now, Google Play services seems to be the only reliable option. Google can bypass system updates from various vendors at different times to cover as many Android devices as possible.

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For a large number of Android phones that cannot access the Google Play service system, Google intends to release a framework through which the same functions as the anonymous tracking system and synchronization of information can be achieved, and each manufacturer decides whether to use it.

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