Apple announced recently that the specific time of WWDC 2020 will be June 22nd. Apple’s senior vice president Phil Schiller said that the conference will be held online in a new form and “connect the entire developer community with a new experience together”.

In fact, Apple already started working with “American Idol” last month to shoot a show at home with an iPhone, and said, “The iPhone provides a unique resolution that can produce high-quality videos with your mobile phone, while guaranteeing the safety of the production staff and the live broadcast staff”. Some foreign media speculated that WWDC 2020 may also use this process for recording a month later.

The specific method of the show’s host Trish Kinane has revealed in an interview that about 45 people on the team are implementing this plan. The producer will send three iPhone 11 Pros, a tripod, and a ring light to the players and referees to let them shoot at home.

“These young people are already very familiar with the operation of the iPhone and use it every day, so we decided not to let them use complex professional cameras, which may require professionals to operate.”

Of course, in addition to the new form, this conference will also announce the information of the new iOS, iPadOS, macOS, tvOS, watchOS. Geek Choice has compiled the most concerned iOS 14 new features for everyone. Let’s take a look together below.

New home screen view

There is an additional list view on the home screen, which is a bit like watchOS, you can view all applications, sorted by frequency of use, whether there are unread notifications and so on. Siri will recommend apps you may need at different times and locations based on your usage habits.

New multitasking interface

New multitasking interface for iOS 14
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iOS 14 will also provide an iPad-like multitasking interface, which can arrange 4 applications at the same time to facilitate user switching.

New fitness app

New fitness app

Apple may be developing a new fitness app that provides exercise options, and users can download fitness instruction videos.

New AR applications

New AR applications

Apple may be developing a new AR application that can scan tags for product information, price comparison and other functions. Apple seems to have begun testing the app in the Apple Store and Starbucks.

Support third-party wallpaper

iOS 14 will add “live” wallpapers in addition to dynamic and static, including categories such as earth, moon, and flowers. Users can choose the “Home Screen Appearance”, which is similar to Apple Watch’s dial settings, including solid color, blurry, and dark versions.

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iOS 14 supports third party wallpaper

iOS 14 will also add support for third-party wallpapers, and users can more easily set their favorite wallpapers.

Support widget

New widgets on iOS 14

There is an internal project called Avocado that may be related to iOS 14 widgets, which can be moved around like an app instead of being fixed to the side of the screen like iPadOS.

Support “Mini Program”

Mini program of iOS 14

iOS 14 will provide a Clips interface, allowing users to use some functions without downloading applications, similar to Google Play Instant, the specific way may be to scan the QR code.

Apple Pay supports Alipay

In iOS 14, Apple’s Apple Pay may support Alipay, which is a good thing for domestic users.

More powerful keychain

iOS 14 powerful keychain

Apple users can use the keychain function to record passwords and automatically generate passwords to register accounts.

In the new iOS 14, this feature may continue to be strengthened, such as warning when you repeatedly use the same password multiple times. When performing double authentication, the keychain has a new method to save your password without having to go through e-mail or SMS.

Detect alarm sound

iOS 14 feature detects alarm sound

There are many improvements to accessibility features in iOS 14, one of which is to detect sounds such as fire alarms, doorbells, and crying babies, and the system will convert them into tactile feedback so that people with hearing impairments can perceive.

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Allow third-party apps as default

iOS 14 new features

According to a Bloomberg report, Apple may release restrictions on default apps in iOS 14, such as opening HomePod to competitors such as Spotify.

The above is the current known information about WWDC 2020. At the official press conference on June 22, Geek’s Choice will bring a full report.

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