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Apple sells iPhone 12 in two boxes to include headphones in France

French law requires that every cell phone be sold with a headset; Apple iPhone 12 box comes inside another box

Apple decided to sell their iPhones, including the new iPhone 12, without charger and headphones in the package. However, a law in France requires that every cell phone be with a headset. The company’s solution was to place the smartphone box inside another box, accompanied by EarPods.

Apple includes headphones to obey law in France

Jean-Baptiste Nicolet, from TheiCollection on YouTube, shows that Apple is using the smaller box to sell the iPhone 12 and 12 Pro in the French market. However, the packaging comes in a white box, and EarPods headphones are on the bottom.

France requires that every cell phone be accompanied by headphones: the idea is to expose the head less to radio frequency (RF) energy, emitted with greater intensity during telephone calls. This is contained in article L34-9 of the Electronic Communications Law.

“Radio terminals [such as cell phones] intended to be connected to a network open to the public for the provision of telephone service [such as 3G or 4G ] cannot be sold without an accessory that allows limiting the head’s exposure to radio emissions during communications ”, Says the law.

Apple also stopped including EarPods with the iPhone 11, iPhone XR and the new iPhone SE; in France, they still need to be accompanied by a pair of headphones. However, the law does not require plug adapters to come in the box.

According to the company, the removal of accessories brings benefits to the environment, reducing carbon emissions and the extraction of ores. IPhones are now sold in a smaller package: Apple says it can carry 70% more boxes on a single pallet.

However, it is likely that many people still need to buy a charger: Apple includes a Lightning to USB-C cable in the box, while the plug adapters that came with almost all iPhones are USB-A, with the exception of the iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max.

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Source: 9to5Mac.

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