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April Fool’s Day: Huawei exposes super-conscious collaboration screen

Today is April 1 and is also the annual April Fool’s Day. In addition to the “Animal Language Translator”, Huawei also officially announced a super-conscious collaboration screen with more technological attributes.

Judging from the poster, this first ever super-conscious collaboration screen supports brain wave projection, biometrics, and inspiration. The “sale price” starts from 99,999 yuan. This product is also one of Huawei’s tidy activities launched on April Fool’s Day, but Huawei also announced that it will officially release the Huawei Enterprise Smart Screen on April 17.

In contrast to the “hypocritical” super-conscious collaboration screen, It has been previously reported that Huawei has officially announced another flagship new Huawei smart screen product. Compared with its predecessor, this product has a larger front camera recognition module and a narrow bezel design. This new product will be officially released on April 8.


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