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ASUS ROG gaming phone 3 comes fully equipped with Nokia OZO Audio

ASUS ROG gaming phone 3 was released, equipped with the highest Snapdragon 865 Plus processor, 144Hz AMOLED screen, up to 16GB memory, and the price starts at $569.

According to Nokia’s confirmation, ASUS ROG Phone 3 series, this series of gaming phones will be fully equipped with Nokia OZO Audio, and gamers will also experience the new features of OZO Audio.

OZO technology is used in conjunction with the video shooting function of mobile devices to make the audio quality in the video better. But in ASUS ROG Phone 3, OZO Audio will be applied as a standard to all recorded audio on the device, which means that voice memos and voice messages will also have the blessing of OZO Audio’s excellent audio recording function.

Asus ROG Phone 3 is by far the most comprehensive device equipped with OZO Audio.

In addition, the excellent spatial audio recording capability of Audio 3D and the industry-leading wind noise filtering capability of Audio Windscreen will achieve the clearest pure voice recording.

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