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How to Backup Contacts to your Google Account on Android

The dilemma many people switching from one Android phone to another are going through these days is importing and restoring important data and information into the newly acquired phone. One of the important data is Contacts.

Many Android users don’t know that they can actually save contacts to their Google account and some that know about it, don’t know how to do the backup to their Google accounts so when they get new phones, or their phone gets missing, stolen or spoilt, they worry alot about how to restore their contacts and all other data.

But not to worry, today, I’ll be teaching you how to backup your contacts to your Google account and how to easily import the contacts into your new phone so you don’t have to worry about losing your contacts any more. All thanks to Google 👍.

How to Backup Contacts to Google Account.

To backup contacts to Google is very easy and simple. Google owns Android OS so the service is well integrated and the good thing about it is that when you successfully backup your contacts to your Google, any phone or PC you log on your Google account will automatically sync your contacts i.e you contacts will automatically sync on the device and you would be able to see all your contacts.

Follow these steps;

  • Go to Settings 
  • Navigate to ‘Accounts’
save contacts to google account
  • Select it and Login your Google account
  • Click on your Google account
  • Click ‘Account sync’
how to backup contacts to google
  • Scroll down to ‘Contacts’ and check the box
backup google contacts

  That’s it, you just did a backup of your contacts from your Android phone or SIM card to your Google account. Yeah, it’s very easy. So now you don’t have to worry about losing your contacts again.  

How to Restore Google contacts to your new Android phone.

Restoring of Google Contacts is still the same as importing backup contacts to a new Android phone or another Android phone. All you have to do is to just login the same Google account you made the backup on and the contacts will be automatically restored to the new Android phone.  

Other Ways to Backup Contacts from Android Device.

Aside from Google account backup, there are other alternatives to backup your contacts from your Android phone.   

Backup Contacts From Android Device to SIM

This will be ideal for those that are planning to change their Android phone but still maintain the old SIM card. So you’ll definitely have to backup your contacts to the SIM card. Here is how to go about it.

  • Open ‘Contacts’ application on your Android phone
how to backup contacts on android
  • Click on the menu button
steps to backup contacts on android
  • Select Settings
  • Select ‘import/export’
import backup contacts on android
  • Then copy contacts from your phone or Google account to your SIM card

So that’s all on how to backup contacts from your Android phone to SIM card.  

Backup Contacts From Android phone to SD card.

Some Android users still prefer the old fashioned ways even though there are more improved technology. Although, I previously stated that maybe some don’t know how to backup to Google account so they still backup to external storage like SD card.

Here are the steps to follow to backup your contacts from your Android phone to your SD card.

  • Open ‘Contacts’ on your Android phone
  • Click on the menu button 
  • Then select ‘Settings’
  • From Settings, Click ‘import/export’
  • Choose SD card from the options
  • Follow the prompts and all your contacts will be imported to your SD card.

So that’s it! You can see how easy it is to backup your contacts to your Google account, SD card and SIM card.

Now, you never have to worry about losing your contacts when your phone gets missing or stolen as you can now easily restore it on another Android phone using your Google account.

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