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Best Android Apps and Games for April 2020

This month of April, I’ll be listing some applications that might probably be worthwhile to you. Since we all are in lockdown, why not change you app library with these new applications.

The list comprises of one wallpaper, seven useful apps and four fun games. Let’s check them out.


WallRod Wallpaper – App for Android

WallRod Wallpapers is the wallpaper out for this month.

All the wallpaper you will find here are vectors created by the developer Matthew Eckard, and they are exclusive to this app, so you won’t be able to find them anywhere else. That is a very good reason you should get this wallpaper app even if it cost a dollar and forty nine cents.

They are absolutely beautiful. They have a variety of styles to choose from, such as Landscape, Amoled, great theme walls, outer space, the desert, e.t.c. And each wall has a different color theme so you won’t ever get bored of the same old looks.

It is actually worth the price because the developer is very active and adding new ones every week on Wednesdays and Sundays.

Download WallRod Wallpaper

Useful Applications

Brightness manager and Rotation manager -App for Android

The first app for this month is a two for the price of one, and they are called brightness manager and rotation manager.

Both are made by the same developer, starting with brightness manager. It costs a dollar to download, but it’s worth it because it does something that no other app does.

It lets you configure the brightness level on a per hour basis.

So if you want a particular app to automatically change to a specific brightness when you open it, this app lets you do that.

Personally, I set the YouTube app to become full brightness when I open it so I could have a great watching experience throughout the day. I also maxed out the brightness on the camera app so it would be easier to see the viewfinder. Even when I’m outside, I automatically lower the brightness for the bible lapse. Since I like to read the bible at nights and I set my launcher too on a brightness since that’s the first app that I use when I unlock the phone.

Download Brightness Manager

Rotation manager works the exact same way, but instead for the rotation setting and it’s free. So if you want to configure the rotation mode on a per hour basis, then this is the best option.

For example, I set Google Maps to open in portrait mode since I never use it in landscape. But I set Netflix to open landscape because that is the rotation that is mostly used in the app.

Both of these apps are great. I just wish they had an option to set custom triggers for one toggle though specific settings.

For example, they would be great if the brightness app had the option to set custom timestamps for one to set a particular brightness, since I would like to have the brightness be maxed out during the day for the YouTube app and low at night from my eyes not to get burned.

Download Rotation Manager

Super Status Bar – App for Android

Next up, it is an app that lets you customizes taskbar bar to the extreme. It is called Super Status Bar and a big feature that this app brings is scrolling notification previews also known as ticker text.

Those of you who are old Android users may know what this is. For those who are not aware of ticker text, it is basically an old feature on Android that eventually got replaced with the heads notification when Android Lollipop got released back in 2015.

I think it is kind of nice to bring it back since it stays out of the way. Unlike that heads application, you can also change the background color of the ticker text to whatever you would like, and you can change the animation if you get the premium version.

The only catch is that you will need to put an ADB command on your computer to disable the heads notification and on the home screen the status bar will turn black whenever you receive a ticker notification.

The app also has a ton more extra features, including sliders to control the brightness or volume level.

You can just slide your finger on the status bar to increase or decrease the settings. It even has an indicator so you can know what brightness or volume level you set. They have gestures to perform custom actions such as double tapping or long pressing to launch a task, toggles setting or open an app.

You can modify your status bar by removing icons that you don’t care for, such as the NFC icon, casting headset, e.t.c. Or you can make your status bar look completely different with a set theme. The options included are Android 10, iOS, MIUI and Android Pie. Finally, you can add a battery bar in the status bar that is completely customizable and has a neat charging animation, a very nice application.

If you want to unlock every feature, it does cost $2.

Download Super Status Bar

Castro – App for Android

Moving on, for those of you who want to learn more about their smartphone, Castro is the most modern option out there.

It will provide you with the information about the software and the hardware of your phone.

For the software, you can find details about the OS, memory usage, security info, network status, e.t.c. While on the hardware side, you can get a better understanding of the battery, processor, sensors with light graphs, device temperature, the throttling status, and a lot more.

On top of that, you can export your device information to a text file or PDF file if you get the premium version. Do tests such as check the touch capabilities of your device to screen. And if you get the premium version, you can monitor the CPU and your network traffic. They also include a customizable widget that looks really clean and shows useful information.

Although there are plenty of apps that function similarly, but Castro is by far the best looking one and people seem to really enjoy it.

Download Castro

Download Progress++ – App for Android

If you have ever downloaded a large game or file on your device, you probably would have pulled down the notification panel several times just to check the progress.

Well, with Download Progress++ you will no longer need to check your notification panel because it’ll display progress bar right in front of your eyes, saving you from interrupting your current activity. So no matter if you’re downloading an app off the play store, downloading your file off the browser, downloading your entire library on Spotify or using any app that may use a progress bar as a notification. This app will mirror outside of the notification panel. It will even show you the upload progress of a file and within the settings of the app you can change the position, the thickness an a lot more.

It does cost a dollar and forty nine cents to download, but if you really hate pulling down your notification bar frequently to check your download progress, you won’t find it anywhere else.

Download Download Progress ++

Look up – App for Android

If you hate going to Google for every tough word you read, then you can make your life easier by installing Look up.

With this app, you can quickly find the definition of a word by highlighting it, tapping the three dot menu and then tapping on Look up, then the definition will show up in a pop-up menu.

The app even lets you choose multiple dictionary sources just in case if you’re not satisfied with the first definition provided.

I don’t think there is any other public dictionary that provides this feature, which is why I prefer Look up over the competition.

Download Look Up Dictionary

Jade Scientific Calculator – App for Android

Finally, there is this excellent modern looking scientific calculator app. It’s called Jade Scientific Calculator and I know you might probably be wondering why I included a calculator to this list since there are so many out there, but this one is refreshing.

It is powerful and also has a nice design.

It is really rare to find a calculator app that functions well and looks good at the same time. In the app you can swipe down the numpad to bring up all the different math symbols, you can see your entire history and easily paste a selected term into your current input independently.

I love that you can customize the last panel to include variables, including those from Physics.

Download Jade Scientific Calculator

Movavi Clips – App for Android

Now, if you are videographer especially a beginner, you should try out this video editor for both Android and iOS called Movavi Clips.

The app is free to download, but it also includes some premium features. More on that, it is powerful, easy to use, and it’s the perfect option for anyone who is a starter and just trying to put something together for the family or a novice editor like a YouTube creator or a videographer.

So in the app, all you need to do is import any video clips or photos that you would like to stitch together, then you select the aspect ratio you would like to use. It has various options, including formats for Instagram or regular 16:9 widescreen format, then within the timeline you can cut, delete or rearrange the clips however you like.

The app also have some awesome features, you can record a voice over for audio commentary more at impact music and sound effects from your phone storage or the built in library with copyright free sounds.

If you only have photos on the timeline, it will automatically create a sweet looking slideshow and you can also apply cool looking effects to your videos such as transitions, filters, text, slapping your logo, stickers, e.t.c. Once you’re done, you can export the final video to your gallery and then share it to any social platform, including YouTube directly from the app. Simple as that.

That is just the tip of the iceberg. There are so many more features included in this video editor.

They do have a premium version which cost a dollar and 49 cents a month with a three day free trial.

It does have the same functions as the free version. However, with the premium version, you get the option of removing the Movavi watermark from within the videos. You get all the stickers for free priority support and free feature updates.

So if you were looking for an easy to use smartphone video editor, I really recommend Movavi clips.

Download Movavi Clips


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Green – free game for Android

Now, in the games sections, the first one is called Green.

It’s a sequel from some other popular games called Yellow, Red, Black and so forth. All those games have hundreds of thousands of downloads with a 5 star reviews. So, you know this one has to be good.

The objective is to make the entire screen green by completing each puzzle and if you are stuck on one, you can type on the light bulb to get a hint.

At first, the levels are simple and easy to bypass, but as you progress even further, the level starts to make you think outside the box.

There are only 50 levels in the game, so if you are up for the challenge download it now.

Download Green

Gris – game for Android

The second game is an award winning indie game that first got released on iOS back in August of 2019 and it finally came to the Android platform.

It is called Gris and it costs four dollars and ninety nine cents to play.

It may sound like a lot of money, but if you want some excellent gameplay without any pay to win strategies or hundreds of ads, you may as well pay up.

This is a gorgeous puzzle platformer that has very satisfying animations and fantastic music.

In the game, you are a young girl named GRIS who needs to explore this broken-down world in order to grow emotionally stronger and manifest her inner being. I know it sounds confusing, but it’s fun to play around with.

There is a lot of surprises hidden within these stages and your mind will be blown multiple times that you were able to do a certain task. The only game that even comes close to looking this good is Monument Valley.

Definitely give it a try if you have been looking for a great story driven game with unique graphics.

Download Gris

Don Zombie – free game for Android

Next, we have Don Zombie, which is an action shooter game where you need to reach the end of the stage by shooting down horde zombies and weird looking bugs.

You can use an arsenal of weapons, explosives, traps and vehicles to smash through them but as you progress further into the game, those enemies will grow larger in size and will be harder to kill.

So upgrading your equipment is very important. There are over 100 levels to play through with 25 different stuff to unlock. So it’s not a bad time killer.

The game is free to download on PlayStore.

Download Don Zombie

Just Survive: Arena – free game for Android

Do you have what it takes to survive an endless onslaught of brutal and devastating obstacles in an arena of death? I didn’t think so, neither does Collin… And even if we did, at least you don’t have to endure the pain like he does…

Just Survive: Arena has a title that speaks for itself. You literally just survive an endless onslaught of dangerous obstacles inside an arena. It’s a simple game, but an addicting one if you get into it and you try to beat your highest score. The more time you spend in the arena, the more obstacles you need to dodge.

There will, however, be random power ups dropped in the area that you can try to pick up. Those are great help to make it even further into the stage.

For example, one of the power ups lets you smash through the traps. Another instantly destroys all the current traps. One makes you tinier so you can run faster and avoid them easier and a final one lets you get rib-eye instantly.

As you keep playing, you will be able to upgrade your characters with perks to give you that survival edge. It is the perfect game to play if you are in the waiting room and want to play something quick and fun.

Download Just Survive: Arena

Anyways, that concludes the best Android apps and games for April 2020. I hope you guys enjoyed it. If you did, make sure to leave a comment below.

Credits: @HowToMen

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