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10 Best offline Battle Royale games like PUBG Mobile or Fortnite 2021

Meet 10 mobile Battle Royale games that work entirely offline, where you can face AI-controlled bots.

Ever since the launch of PUBG – an online multiplayer battle royale game, The demand for offline battle royale games similar to PUBG and Fortnite has been on the increase.

Even though PUBG and Fortnite allowed multiplayer, many Android and PC gamers have complained that the game drains battery and its RAM consuming, Although, this has not caused the numbers of players to reduced, In fact, PUBG Mobile now has 200 million downloads on Google Play and has 30 million daily users.

However, some low-end Android devices don’t support PUBG Mobile and Fortnite, so here is where the best offline battle royale games Android and iOS comes into play.

So if you worry about your battery or you want to try something else in the genre, here are top 10 offline Battle Royale games similar to PUBG Mobile and Fortnite, all for iPhone or Android, that allows the player to face AI-controlled enemies (the bots) without an internet connection.

Top 10 Offline Battle Royale games like PUBG or Fortnite

1. Stickman Battle Royale (iPhone, Android)

Stickman Battle Royale (iPhone, Android)

Available for iPhone and Android, Stickman Battle Royale is unique and the name and content of the game are based on the non-patentable stickman character. Just like PUBG, You are one of the hundreds of unknown’s, landing on a hostile island. The best unknown’s players will fight in an epic deadly battle for life on the battlegrounds.

Your goal is to survive. 2d shooter with deathmatch mode. works offline, with bots. It’s free, with microtransactions.

2. Guns Royale (iPhone, Android)

Guns Royale (iPhone, Android)

Guns Royale is a game for iPhone and Android that can be played in Augmented Reality mode. Despite the childlike look, The race is on to collect new guns and level-up before your competition. Dominate the battlefield by taking on each opponent and strive to be the #1 blocky shooter! Find the best weapons you can and dominate the arena.

Guns Royale is not like a regular shooting game. The game is about guns. Take the battle to the blocky arena where you’ll search and collect more guns and items! Shoot other players to earn Experience Points in PVP battles and rise to the top of the blocky battlefield! 

It is free with microtransactions.

3. Dinos Royale (Android)

Dinos Royale - Multiplayer Battle Royale Legends

Available for Android and iOS, Dinos Royale is a PvP battle royale game viewed from a top-down perspective played in short 3-5 minute matches making it perfect for mobile play on the go. No more lengthy battles you don’t have time for that take an entire Fortnite to play! ;).

Dinos Royale features easy to pickup dual stick controls with a simple on-screen inventory system for comparing and equipping all of your gear.

Play against real people from all over the world online or practise up and improve your skills against bots in offline mode. Battle alongside a friend in DUOS or go it alone in SOLOS. You decide how you want to battle but you must remember one thing – outlast them all.

The size of the game is less than a 100MB.

It is free with microtransactions.

4. Grand Pixel Royale Battlegrounds Mobile Battle 3D (Android)

Grand Pixel Royale Battlegrounds Mobile Battle 3D (Android) offline

Another Android exclusive, Grand Pixel Royale Battlegrounds Mobile Battle 3D is a survival shooter game for mobiles and tablets. The deathmatch has now been raised to a thrilling epic scale.

10 players parachute into a remote 2×2 km island for a winner-takes-all showdown. Jump out of the survival plane on the dead island, find the best loot, kill the enemies. Players are spread around the island unarmed and must find and use various weapons and items to eliminate opponents.

Players have to locate their own weapons, vehicles and supplies and defeat every player.

Moreover, it has the same gameplay and features as other titles in the genre like Fortnite and PUBG Mobile. It is free with microtransactions.

5. Desert Battleground (Android)

Desert Battleground (Android) offline

Also for Android only, Desert Battleground is one of the most similar to PUBG Mobile, being very popular for running on old devices (from version 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich) and supporting offline games. The environment is realistic and has several resources, such as weapons, equipment and vehicles. It is free with microtransactions.

6. Battle Destruction (iPhone, Android)

Battle Destruction (iPhone, Android) offline

Available for iPhone and Android, Battle Destruction follows the line of Fornite and has construction elements, in addition to cartoon graphics. Unlike the Epic title, it can be played online and offline against bots and offers riding animals, an element borrowed from World of Warcraft. It is free with microtransactions.

7. Battleground’s Survivor: Battle Royale (Android)

Battleground's Survivor: Battle Royale (Android)

Exclusive to Android, Battleground’s Survivor: Battle Royale is a game very similar to PUBG Mobile and Desert Battleground, and can also be installed on older phones (from 4.1 Jelly Bean). It supports online and offline games against bots and has the same features as other realistic battle royales. It is free with microtransactions.

8. MAD Battle Royale (iPhone, Android)

Islands of Battle Royale (iPhone, Android) offline

Available for iPhone and Android, MAD Battle Royale is only a Battle Royale and nothing else. This means that nothing will stand between you and the victory except enemies and the Frenzy Storm of course.

You get to create buildings, upgrade guns, hide, run, fire and become the last one standing.

It is free with microtransactions.

9. Pixel Danger Zone: Battle Royale (Android and iPhone)

Pixel Danger Zone: Battle Royale

Another offline battle for Android and iPhone, Pixel Danger Zone is a first-person online shooter with battle royale game mode with combined realistic weapons with the pixel world, so many cool skins for your favourite weapons are waiting for you in the game. It is free with microtransactions.

10. Battleground Superheroes (Android)

Battleground Superheroes (Android) game offline

Also exclusive to Android, There is no justice here, just warfare. You are a mighty superhuman, participating in the gladiator fights of future. Choose one of the three abilities for killing spray. Follow the free zone and smash other warriors on your way. It is free with microtransactions.

So that’s it for the best offline battle royale games for Android and iOS similar to PUBG Mobile and Fortnite, I hope you like our selections.

You can also leave suggestions on some other offline battle royale games you know about.


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