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Black Shark 3S will be equipped with Snapdragon 865 Plus processor and there will be no Pro version

Black Shark 3 was launched at the beginning of this year, but unlike previous Black Shark phones, it has a Pro version called Black Shark 3 Pro. This version has a larger and clearer screen, a larger battery, and even storage, the option is increased to 512GB. Now, the Black Shark 3S will be available soon, but it is reported that it will not have a Pro version.

The Black Shark 3S is expected to be equipped with the Snapdragon 865 Plus processor and will be launched soon. However, a Weibo whistleblower revealed that the Black Shark 3S will not have a “big screen version”.

Black Shark 3S will be equipped with Snapdragon 865+

He added that the Pro model is only available for flagship products released at the beginning of the year, which means that Black Shark 4/5 should have a Pro version.

Not much is known about the specifications of the Black Shark 3S. The company’s CEO only warmed up the device a few days ago and has since disclosed no information. However, it is expected to be equipped with AMOLED screen, high refresh rate and stereo speakers, and the charging power is not less than 65W.

When the Black Shark 3S is launched, it will challenge the already released ASUS ROG Phone 3 and Lenovo’s rescuer gaming phone. Of course, it will also face the upcoming Nubia Red Devils 5S.

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