Sunday, May 24, 2020

How to see Photos on free mode Facebook (Free Basics)

Free mode on Facebook is basically a feature called "Free Basics". It was introduced by partnership between network operators and Facebook to allow their subscribers switch seamlessly between free...

How to recover deleted Telegram messages

There is no official way to recover messages permanently deleted from Telegram, but there is a solution. Telegram gained an "undo" feature, one that allows you...

5 Best apps to discover the name of a song that is playing

There are billions of songs everywhere with various artists. It is impossible for one to know every song and the lyrics that's why most make use of Shazam.

How to share Internet from an Android phone to a PC via a USB...

There are many ways to share your internet connection with other devices, although probably the most popular is to create a Wi-Fi Hotspot connection. However, this method has a...

How to remove pre-installed applications from your Android phone

Your mobile or tablet comes with a few pre-installed applications. Some of them are mandatory, as manufacturers who want to include Google services agree to include a series of...

How to enable and disable safe mode on Android and iOS

Smartphone has security mode to protect system and facilitate corrections; learn how to safe mode activate and deactivate on Android and iPhone. Both Android and the...

How to free up space in Windows 10 and clean up useless files

Freeing up space in Windows 10 is an important task, especially if free space is a constant problem. Over time, the system accumulates many files, some more or less...

How to transfer photos from iCloud to Google Photos

You may be migrating from iPhone to Android - or just looking to save space on your iCloud account. Either way, Google Photos can prove to be a cheaper...

How to download all iCloud photos on PC

Those using iPhone or iPad have the option to store their data on iCloud, Apple's storage and backup service. In addition to your application data, you can also save...

What is USB debugging and how to enable or disable it on Android

USB debugging is a mode that allows Android devices (phones and tablets) to communicate with computers in order to facilitate application development for developers. Therefore, it only works in...


Download Latest Truecaller Premium v10.61.9 APK

Truecaller is the only app you need to make your communication safe and efficient.250 million people trust Truecaller for their communication needs, whether it’s...


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