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How to change characters in GTA 5

As you play GTA 5 in story mode, the dynamics of the game make you switch between the three characters in the narrative: Michael, Franklin and Trevor. However, if you’ve finished story mode and also play online mode, you can switch protagonists and choose who you’ll play with at any time.

It is also allowed to change the appearance of your character online. In addition to haircuts and style, a deeper change in the face is possible, but this has a price! Here’s how to change characters in GTA 5.

How to switch characters in GTA 5

As you progress through the narrative, the GTA 5 story gives you three characters to control at different moments in the game:

  • Michael De Santa: Main character, resumes his new life in Los Santos with different name and his family;
  • Franklin Clinton: Ghetto dweller, meets Michael and become friends. Begins to participate in Michael’s plans for a major coup;
  • Trevor Phillips: Unstable, with problems with drinks and drugs, Michael’s former partner and rediscovers him in Los Santos after several years;

During the game, you are asked to change characters as the story unfolds and at the end, the protagonists are available to play in free mode.

On the computer:

  1. Hold down the Alt key;
  2. A circle with the characters (the three of the story and their online, if you have) will appear in the lower right corner;
  3. With your mouse, choose the character you want to control;
  4. Release the Alt key and loading the new character will start;

On Playstation and Xbox:

The commands are similar on consoles.

  1. Hold the directional down (down arrow) on the control and do not release;
  2. A circle with the characters (the three of the story and their online, if you have) will appear in the lower right corner;
  3. With the right stick, choose the player you want to control (without dropping the directional down);
  4. Release the directional and loading the new character will start;
You can switch at any time to the other gta 5 characters (Image: Playback / GTA 5)

How to change the appearance of the character online in GTA 5

If you want to make that change to your character’s look online, you can search the game map itself. If the change is in the hair and beard, just go to one of the barbershops scattered throughout the city and choose between the various styles of cutting and designs. A small amount will be charged by the barber, so have some change in the wallet.

Look for the barbershops scattered on the map of Los Santos for a change in hair and beard (Image: Reproduction / GTA 5)

Now, if you are dissatisfied with your face and want a deeper change, you need to prepare your pocket: It costs 100,000 GTA$. Here’s how:

  1. Open the interaction menu;
  2. Select “Change appearance”;
  3. Confirm the option and the amount of your account will be debited;
  4. Make the changes you want;

Important: You can’t change the genre or your name in the game.

Source: Sportskeeda.

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