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Battery Tips: Best Tips to Charge your Mobile Phone Safely

In this guide, you'll learn how to charge your smartphone safely to reduce the risk of damaging the battery

If you have been using a phone for a year now, you would notice that the phone’s battery doesn’t seems to last longer again compared to the time it was still new. Talk more of using it for three years, the system stability begins to drop and the phone barely last up to a day again.

So basically, Battery capacity depreciates with age. However, there are still some measures to take that would ensure the prolonged life of the phone and battery.

There are several tips to charge a phone battery but today I’ll be focusing on only the scientifically proven best tips on how to charge your phone safely and faster.

Best Tips on How to Charge your phone

  • Avoid Overcharging the Battery by leaving it to Charge Overnight

One common mistake that many smartphone users make these days is leaving their phone to charge overnight.

Although, you might read in some other places that a smartphone will automatically stop charging, I won’t advise you to listen to this reasons being that the continuous trickle charging of a Lithium-ion battery can cause plating of the metallic lithium which leads to reduced system stability and frequent reboot.

Secondly, when at 100%, it leaves the battery at a high stress voltage.

  • Remove the phone case and Pouch (if it has) when Charging to reduce the chances of overheating.
  • Don’t Charge the phone up to a 100%

Ending a charge at 80% is okay than a 100% but it’s not advisable to let the battery percent go below 20%. So basically, do not overcharge or undercharge your phone.

  • Use Phones with fast charging technologies
  • Never use third-party applications that claim to enhance your phone battery life as these apps can cause internal issues on your phone
  • Never use cheap Chargers to charge your phone, these chargers are not well made and built with the proper panels and can cause swollen battery or perhaps battery explosion.
  • Turn on Airplane mode or switch off your phone while charging, this will cause the phone to charge faster as the phone will not have to search for radio signals and all.

That’s all on tips on how to charge your phone safely. I assure you that if you apply these tips effectively, your phone’s battery life will be prolonged.  Don’t forget to share this post with your friends and family.

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