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How to check GLO number

Woah! So you don’t know your GLO number? Well, it’s no problem at all, I wrote this post so you can learn how to check your GLO number whenever you forget it. So let’s get started!

Owning a SIM card is one thing and then knowing the phone number off hand is another thing. hahaha😄😄…see what I did there? (Forgive me, I watch a lot of TVs these days).

A person’s phone number is one important thing that you (as a businessman or whatever work you do that involves making calls) should have to be contacted and contact others, especially when it involves urgency.

However, many or few (I don’t know) people tend to have other important things to attend to so when they get a new SIM card, they don’t bother to know the phone number off hand.

We’ve all been, and that’s exactly why you are here right now.

So without any further ado, I will be explaining to you in four different methods on how to check your GLO number.

How to check GLO number using USSD code

To check your GLO number using USSD code,

  1. Open your phone dialer app
  2. Dial *135*8# on your phone
  3. Your GLO number will be displayed on the screen.

NOTE: This USSD code don’t work some times.

How to check GLO number by calling or texting a known number

I bet if you remembered this method, you wouldn’t have been here right now.

It’s the simplest method right or what do think? Well, to check your GLO number by calling a known number, simply follow the steps below;

  1. Get a phone that has a SIM card in it
  2. Input the phone number into your phone dialer
  3. Call the number using your GLO phone number
  4. Then put down your GLO number from the other phone you called.

Easy peasy, neither a USSD code nor customer care assistance is needed.

How to Check GLO Number by dialing a special number

The special number is a short number provided by GLO to check your phone number. All you need to do is;

  1. Open your phone dialer
  2. Dial 1244
  3. Listen to voice prompt and put down your GLO number.

How to check GLO number via GLO Official Website

If you use the internet a lot, then this method could be the easiest for you. Follow the steps below to know your GLO phone number;

  1. Visit http://hsi.glo.com/HSISelfCarePortal/,
  2. Wait for the page to be fully loaded,
  3. Your GLO number will be displayed at the top-right corner of the page.

With that concludes the methods on how to check your GLO number. If non of the above method worked for you then you can call the GLO customer care number at 121 to know you number.

Which of the above method do you like the most?


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