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Download DSTV Hacked APK free (Josh DSTV App)

Over the years, there has been high demand for the DSTV hacked APK to watch live DSTV channels for free, well guess what? There’s finally one even though it’s not the hacked DSTV now APK.

The name of the app is actually Josh DSTV app and the app allows you to watch over 80 DSTV channels for free on your phone, PC or tablet.

Unlike the DSTV Now APK in which you need a subscription, with the DSTV hacked APK, you can watch your favourite DSTV channels like Africa Magic, Big Brother Naija, SuperSports, M-Net and the likes on the go without any DStv subscription or reoccurring charges.

The DStv hacked APK is more or less like the Netflix hacked APK that allows you stream Netflix movies and series for free.

The best thing about the hacked DSTV APK is that you get to watch 20,000+ channels aside DStv channels without any fear of expiration date, all you need is just data and the VTV hacked APK.

There are actually three apps and I’ll explain how to use all of them below. The first one is the VTV hacked APK that requires VTV activation code while the other app is JOSH DSTV and it doesn’t require any activation code or whatsoever, The last app is IPTV Stalker Player.

To be very honest with you, only the JOSH DSTV app works best among the listed apps.

Note: This post is regularly updated with either new DStv apps or new working configuration settings.

Having said all those malarkey :), Let’s find out how to use both of them.

Features of the DSTV hacked APK

Bbnaija DStv hacked app
  • Stream DStv channels in HD seamlessly
  • No subscription required
  • No expiration date (lifetime)
  • DStv hacked APK is available for Android and PC (via emulators though).

Download DSTV hacked APK free

To download the latest DSTV hacked APK or perhaps VTV hacked APK for free, just click here. You won’t find the DStv hacked app either on PlayStore or App Store, you will only find DStv now APK.

SuperSports on DStv hacked APK

VTV or DSTV hacked APK Activation Codes August 2020

The VTV hacked APK or DStv hacked app activation code is a zip code, click here and search for “DStv app activation code” or “VTV activation code” to get it for free.

How to activate DStv Hacked APK

  1. Download the DSTV hacked APK here
  2. Install and the open the app
  3. Skip app update
  4. Now, enter the VTV activation code
  5. Click activate, an error will pop-up, if it shows ” activation code used”
Activation code for DStv hacked APK
  1. Click activate again
  2. Click cancel
  3. Now, click login

The app should open now, and you can start watching DStv channels for free.

Update: The VTV activation codes no longer work for now, but you can use the new josh dstv app to watch all DSTV stations and it workS just fine.

Africa magic on DSTV hacked APP

Download Star IPTV app and watch DSTV channels free

  • Search for Aptoide on Google
  • Download and install it
  • Open the app and search for Star IPTV
  • Download Star IPTV APK
  • Install and open the app
  • In the field provided for username and password, input 995522 for both
  • Now click on DSTV
  • You’ll see all DSTV channels and you can start streaming

That’s all.

Now the good thing about the app is that it works perfectly fine even on slow network conditions, no hanging. It shows all the DSTV channels including Big Brother Naija, All Africa Magic (Epic, youruba, igbo, family) and other international channels.


How to watch DSTV channels for free

After you have downloaded and installed the DSTV hacked APK, open the app and activate it with any of the free VTV activation code, then scroll down and tap on DSTV, now select any channel from the list to start watching football matches and your favourite TV programs all for free.

To change the VTV hacked APK channel, you may encounter the same error again, don’t panic, all you have to do is just repeat step 5,6,7 and 8 again and when the app opens, it will show the channel you switch to.

Big brother naija on DStv hacked APK

The channel to watch Bbnaija on DSTV hacked APK is EWTN.

For the other hacked DSTV APK that requires no activation code, you only need to configure the STB Configuration (portal URL, MAC Address) and Serial Number before you can fully gain access to stream all live DSTV channels on the app.

How to Download and Configure Josh DSTV App

  1. Firstly, download and install the latest hacked Josh DSTV app here
  2. Launch the app
  3. Click the three dots at the top right corner of the app
josh dstv app
  1. Tap on Settings
  2. Tap on Profile
dstv josh hacked mod
  1. Click on the default profile
  2. Now change the profile name to Betechwise
dstv profile configuration
  1. Click on Portal settings
dstv setup
  1. Copy and paste the link: http://portal.geniptv.com:8080/c/ or into the portal URL input field
josh dstv setup
  1. Now, Tap on STB Configuration and replace the MAC address with 00:1A:79:31:FC:C3
josh dstv configuration
  1. Also, replace the Serial number with 072015N13835
  2. Now close the app
  3. Reopen it again wait for the app to initialize the configuration settings

After you are done with the configuration and initialization, a new page will appear like the one below, just click down or up until you see Africa, then click ok and select any of the DSTV channel you wish to watch from the list of channels that shows up. That’s all.

If the above new Josh DSTV app configuration does not work for you, click here to download a PDF file containing new STB configuration.

josh dstv apk
africa magic epic josh dstv

How to use IPTV Stalker to watch Live DSTV channels for free

IPTV Stalker app works best among all the other apps to watch DSTV channels for free and here is how to activate it;

  1. Download IPTV Stalker APK here
  2. Install and open the app
  3. Click the three horizontal lines at the top left corner of the app
  4. Now, Click the pencil icon
  5. Click “Create new”
  6. Enter “Betechwise” as the nickname for IPTV
  7. Enter the URL; http://pro-panel01.club:8080/c/ in the field provided for portal URL
  8. Now for Mac Address, enter any of the code
    • 00:1a:79:4a:2b:cc
    • 00:1a:79:39:66:17
    • 00:1a:79:42:61:86
  9. Then, click Sign in
  10. If you don’t see the channels, click on the pencil icon
  11. Select the profile you just created and all the DStv channels will appear.

That’s it, you have successfully configured and activated IPTV Stalker app.

Now to watch BBNaija or any of your favourite DSTV channels on IPTV Stalker app, Just click on the three horizontal lines, scroll down the channels until you find “Live: African”, select it, you’ll find all DSTV live channels here including SuperSport.

IPTV stalker app

That’s all on how to get hacked DSTV APK for free and activate it.

If you’ve got any questions about VTV hacked APK or the latest hacked DSTV APK (josh DSTV) or IPTV Stalker, please leave it on the comments section below, I’ll reply with an answer ASAP.

And another thing you can do is to leave a comment and also share this post to your socials to at least show that you really appreciate it.


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  1. Pls in my configuration (STB), There is no AFRICA in it, making it difficult for me to watch all those Africmagic and many more.
    What do I do pls?

  2. I followed all the steps required for IPTV and after everything, this message started poping in “link unavailable” and no channel is showing

  3. I tried using the star iptv, I have put all the username and password as “995522” but they keep saying “You account is banned” pls help

  4. Followed all due process…. And i’m always having a “link unavailable” notification anytime i want to open any channel… Any solution?

  5. All of you that still wants to stream all DSTV channels for free. I have this perfect one which is far better that VTV IPTV. With over 5000 channels (DSTV channels included),it does not require activation code. You can change channels freely and connect without obstructions. Watch bbnaija,All supersports,All africa magic,All mnet(All dstv premier channels and more)
    If you are interested chat me up on WhatsApp:- 08143053312

  6. It’s not working on mine…when i press activate it loads and stops loading then when i press login it says account used, clear cache…what does that mean?

  7. I have been trying it and I have reached the stage where all the channels are listed, but it is not playing, it keeps saying the activation code is used

  8. Thank for the app.
    But i cant watch anything in it. It keeps saying “Activecode used” to activate. Then ntin shows in the screen except from something loading and counting 1kb/s. What can i do pls??..


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