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Glo APN Settings: How to Stabilize Glo Mobile Data Connection

Many Glo subscribers have layed complains about the data connection not being stable i.e fluctuating (turning on and off) and very slow browsing speed.

The reason why your Glo network is slow and unstable is due to the APN settings. So with this tip you can fix not only Glo data connection turning on and off but it will also help increase the speed of your Glo network while browsing.

Without further ado, let’s get straight to the point. To stabilize Glo data turning on and off frequently, there are some easy steps you have to follow below.

How to Stabilize Glo Data network (Data Connection on and off issue)

The steps listed below is on how to configure and fix unstable Glo data network connection. However, the menu and prompts may differ across devices.
  • Go to Settings
  • Select Network and Internet
  • Click SIM cards
  • Click Mobile network
  • Select Access Point Names 
  • Click on the ➕ button to create new access point
  • Now enter the following parameters
Name: Betechwise (or any name you want)
APN: web.gprs.mtnnigeria.net (don’t worry, trust me and just do it😂😂)
Username: (None)
Password: (None)
Authentication type: (Leave it as default)
Leave the remaining settings as default
  • Now save the new APN you created and select it
  • Restart your phone
You’ll notice that your Glo data connection will now be stable and very fast. It will no longer fluctuate or turn on and off. 

Note: Don’t worry about using MTN’s APN for Glo, using MTN’s APN makes Glo data connection very fast and stable.

Now you can enjoy stable and fast Glo data network. Feel free to leave a comment below if it worked perfectly for you.


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