According to foreign media reports, there have been rumors in the past few months that Google will add a new feature similar to Apple AirDrop for Android phones. Now, Google has finally confirmed that they will indeed launch this feature, its official name is “Nearby Share”. Some Android phone users have tested the beta version of this feature.

Google said: “We are currently beta testing this latest feature called Nearby Share, and we plan to announce more information in the future. Our plan is to allow it to support Android 6+ devices and others when this feature is launched platform.”

Earlier this month, someone first discovered this feature in the Canary version of Chrome OS, which means that Nearby Share will also support Chromebook devices.

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About Nearby Share, we can think of it as the Android version of AirDrop, which is a function for quickly sharing files between Apple devices. With Nearby Share, files can be quickly transferred wirelessly between nearby Android devices, and users can use this feature to share pictures, videos, and links and tweets.

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It is reported that users cannot use Nearby Share to send files to strangers’ devices. To use this feature, users must set up in advance and set their mobile phones to the “visible” state (which can be easily opened through the quick setting bar) before they can receive the content, and before accepting the content, the user also needs to manually Accept content from the other party.

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Previously, Samsung has also been testing similar features. This feature of Samsung is called Quick Share, which allows users to send content to up to 5 friends at a time. In contrast, AirDrop is a one-to-one transmission. The advantage of Nearby Share is that it supports all Android devices, not limited to mobile phone brands, and Samsung’s Quick Share currently only supports file transfer between Samsung devices.


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