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Google Lens scans text on mobile and sends it to Chrome on PC

Feature uses augmented reality and depends only on Chrome in the latest version installed on the computer

The Google released an update to the application Google Lens who can send a text that is outside the smartphone to inside the computer. The novelty arrives for users using Android and iOS , who access the feature through the Google app.

It is not just today that Lens is able to understand the world that is on the other side of the smartphone screen, whether by recognizing points of interest, translating plates in real time or scanning entire documents, separating their text. From the most recent update this text can be sent to a computer and pasted wherever the user wants.

Google lens features

To do this, just open the app and point the smartphone camera at the object that will have the text copied, select the content and then tap on “Copy to computer”. If you have more than one computer nearby, you can choose where the text will be sent.

Google says the Google lens tool can even recognize text and handwritten writing, but the release note points out that it needs to have a letter far from a scribble – I would have serious problems with that.

On the PC side, which can also be a Mac, just have the latest version of Chrome installed and the same Google account that is logged on the phone. On your smartphone you need to make sure that the Google Lens app is up to date on the PlayStore and the Google app is up to date on the App Store as well. Another novelty that involves text is the tool that reads the content and speaks aloud, which will soon be able to do this in more languages ​​on iOS, but that can already be used on Android.

There are more interesting features of Google lens that are not listed above. So if you haven’t played around with Google Lens yet, it’s definitely worth downloading and checking out.


Translate words you see, save a business card to your contacts, add events to your calendar from a poster, and copy and paste complicated codes or long paragraphs into your phone to save time.


Find out what that plant is in your friend’s apartment, or what kind of dog you saw in the park.


Identify and learn about landmarks, restaurants, and storefronts. See ratings, hours of operation, historical facts, and more.


See an outfit that catches your eye? Or a chair that’s perfect for your living room? Find similar clothes, furniture, and home decor to the one you like.


See popular dishes on a restaurant menu based on reviews from Google Maps.


Quickly scan QR codes and barcodes. All with Google lens.

Source: Google

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