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How to use Google Meet to teach classes

See how to use Google Meet and teach online, with integration into Google Calendar and Google Classroom for free for everyone

Google Meet is Google ‘s official video communication service, free and available on Android , iOS and web browsers. It can also cater for anyone who wants to teach online, integrated with Google Classroom. See how to use Google Meet Classroom.

What is Google Meet?

Launched in 2017, Google Meet is a kind of official replacement for Google Hangouts, video chat and previous text service from the same company.

Today Meet works in full and also has a function for text chat. In its free version, Google Meet supports up to 100 members on the same call – with the possibility to expand to 150 and 250, on paid G Suite plans.

The duration of the free plan is one hour, while the paid models – G Suite Essentials and G Suite Enterprise Essentials – allow calls of up to 300 hours.

The only requirement, of course, is that all participants have a Google account to attend meetings and calls.

Using Google Meet

Using Google Meet to teach is possible. If the education professional prefers, they can simply use the application normally and send invitations through links and emails.

But integration with Google Classroom allows Meet to organize virtual classrooms in a practical and almost automatic way.

The student limit works in the same way as in the standard Google Meet – between 100 and 250 -, depending on the plan chosen by the user who will apply the classes.

Remember that, originally, Classroom was only available to users of G Suite accounts, but that has changed and now personal accounts also access it.

How to schedule Google meet classroom

How to schedule Google meet classroom

To schedule a class at Google Classroom, do the following:

  1. Open Google Calendar;
  2. Create any event on the agenda and give it a name;
  3. Check the option “Participate with Google Meet”;
  4. In the calendar, set the day and time;
  5. Add any other information you think is relevant;
  6. Copy the Google Meet link to notify students;
  7. Save the event.

It will be visible in your calendar, at the time and date you have chosen. Now it is necessary to inform the students that the class is going to happen.

How to invite to classes

After creating the class on your calendar, you can create an event to alert and invite students.

Follow the steps:

  1. Open Google Classroom;
  2. Click on the “Activities” tab;
  3. Click on the “Create” icon;
  4. Create a “Question”, give the title to the question;
  5. In the instructions, explain that it is a scheduled online class;
  6. Click on “Add”;
  7. Choose “Link” and paste the link copied in the previous step-by-step;
  8. Choose the same day and time marked on the agenda;
  9. Click on “Ask”.
Google meet classroom

Thus, the question will be saved and the users, the students, will be informed according to what was determined in the agenda. After all, you may want to learn how to activate the Google Meet Grid View.

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