Card will be debit only and all spending control is done from a specific app, which is certainly Google Pay.

Rumors and leaked images guarantee that Google wants to follow in the steps of the Apple Card and will also create a physical card for purchases, along with a virtual one. What will differentiate both proposals is that the search giant’s side will be just a debit card.

The use of the debit card, together with your control, will be very similar to what Apple already does with the Apple Card. All transactions are accompanied by an application, which is most likely Google Pay itself and which displays the purchase price, name of the store where the user swiped the card, with the address, map of its location and options for contacting the retailer .

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Unlike the Apple Card, which is issued only by Goldman Sachs, Google would be working with several financial institutions, such as Citibank. The card that appears in the leaked image has a chip for purchases, the name of the owner and also of the issuing bank. Like the most recent cards, Google’s, which still doesn’t have an official name, will be equipped with payment by approximation.

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If the user needs it, the physical card can be blocked and purchases can be contested. If this happens, a new card is issued, but the virtual version continues to work within the app, as it has a different number. The virtual version can continue to be used for online purchases and on machines that accept payment by approach.

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If on the user’s side the idea of ​​a card controlled by Google may seem promising, on the side of the search giant it is a unique opportunity to get more information about who uses its services. In addition to knowing where the person walks by the location of the device, knowing where they work, where they live, what messages they receive by email or SMS, they will also know where to buy when they don’t use Google Pay by approximation.

There is still no information as to whether the card linked to Google Pay will be launched to users, whether it will have costs and not even the advantages offered. Comparing again with the Apple Card, there are no costs to use the card and the apple company offers a cashback of 1% on all purchases, 2% if Apple Pay is used and 3% on all purchases from the App Store and Apple Store.

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