According to XDA reports, the Google Pixel series models are ushering in a security update this month. After this update, the Verizon version of the Pixel 4/4 XL re-supports eSIM and dual-card dual standby functions.

Google Pixel series has not launched a dual physical SIM card slot model, but through the physical nano-SIM card plus eSIM card, you can achieve dual card dual standby function, this feature first appeared in the Android Q beta 2 update On the 3 series, but because the Pixel 3 lacks a second IMEI, this feature was eventually deleted in the beta 3 system, but it can be re-enabled by rooting the device.

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Verizon previously disabled the eSIM card on the Pixel 4 series, but it was restarted after the April 2020 update to enable the feature. After the device update, the eSIM card and dual card dual standby are supported. The official also provides instructions for opening the card, but IT House Noted that some users still cannot use the function normally after the forum feedback device update.


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