Google has started adding a new section of the Play Store, named Kids, which will bring together apps that have a seal of approval by teachers. The launch of this section happened ahead of schedule, precisely because of the number of children who are no longer in schools due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

The new section is similar to the “Family” that already exists in the Brazilian Play Store, but the novelty is that some of the applications that will be present when the new tab arrives, will be approved by teachers. Google says it has assembled a series of professors from the United States and their evaluations with what they think Joe Blatt (works at Harvard Graduate School of Education) and Sandra Calvert (from Georgetown University).

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Applications are evaluated based on age, quality of experience, enrichment of learning and pleasure they provide. All of these points are listed within Google Play, before displaying user ratings.

The seal of approval for teachers would be released later this year, but with the social isolation that everyone must do due to the outbreak of coronavirus, which causes Covid-19, the search giant has already started to release the novelty. Due to the new release date, the number of apps that have been reviewed on the Play Store is lower than expected, but Google promises that it will increase this number in the shortest possible time.

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The Kids section with “Teacher approved” apps will start to appear for users who are in the United States in the next few days, and the international launch is scheduled for the coming months.


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