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Stadia Connect: Google presents new titles for its streaming service

As part of a Connect broadcast, Google today announced new games that can soon be played with the game streaming service Stadia . In addition to the first exclusive titles, well-known games such as Star Wars, FIFA and PUBG will also be released for the platform.

Get Packed and Crayta appear exclusively for Stadia

As can be seen from the 16-minute video, several games that are exclusively available for Stadia will be offered. The first title is the cooperative multiplayer game Get Packed. The game is available now and costs just under $ 20. The second exclusive title is Crayta. Here, players have the opportunity to design their own multiplayer games and to play with other players. However, Crayta will not see the light of day until summer and will initially be available to subscribers of a paid Stadia Pro membership at no additional cost.

PUBG free for pro members

Another highlight should be the inclusion of the multiplayer shooter PUBG. The “Pioneer Edition” for Google Stadia is now available. The package includes the basic version of the game, the expansion “Survivor Pass: Cold Front” and a Stadia skin set. Stadia-Pro members could play the title at no additional cost.

In connection with PUBG, Google also presented a new feature. With “Click to Play” Stadia members can access the game directly via a link. PUBG is initially the only title that supports this function.

EA fans can look forward to Star Wars, FIFA and Madden NFL

In addition, it was announced that five games from the publisher Electronic Arts (EA) would be brought to the game streaming platform. So far, however, only two titles have been mentioned. While “Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order” will be available in the fall, there is no release period for FIFA and Madden yet.

Other titles that can soon be played via Stadia are Embr, Octopath Traveler, the time-exclusive Game Wave-Break and Doom Eternal. Rock of Ages 3 will be available for Stadia in June 2020. In May, Stadia Pro members can play The Turing Test, Steamworld Heist and Zombie Army 4, for which a paid DLC will be released, for free.

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