Google announced yesterday that it will open a new Stadia test function that will support users to use 4G and 5G data networks to play games on mobile devices.

Since this feature is an experimental option, users must manually turn on the corresponding option in the app: open the Stadia app on the Android phone → click the avatar in the upper right corner → experiment → use mobile data. After successfully enabling this function, users can see a purple bubble prompt on the Wi-Fi icon on the “Home” interface.

Google letting you play Stadia on 4G/5G networks with latest mobile experiment

due to the large traffic required by Stadia, Google has previously restricted it to the Wi-Fi network environment. According to the 9to5google test, Stadia can consume 2.7G of data per hour in the 360P state, 4.5 GB of data per hour in the 720P state, and 12.6GB of data per hour in the 1080P state.

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In addition, Google did not specify what resolution stadia will work in the mobile data state, and when using stadia through a mobile phone, the Stadia handle cannot be used at the same time.

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