According to XDA reports, some developers found that Google is testing the HDR camera function on Google Camera Go , and it is expected that low-end mobile phones can also take HDR photos.

Google Camera Go is a simplified version of Google Camera.

XDA said that developers found that there is a hidden “Detail Enhancement” switch.

The settings interface shows the comparison of the effects of taking photos when HDR is turned off and on, and There are options to turn off, auto, and turn on HDR, but the function does not take effect after changing the settings.

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Google Camera Go was first released on a Nokia 1.3 device priced at only 95 euros, which is equipped with an 8MP camera.

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Google has previously enabled a reliable portrait mode on the device.

Foreign media believes that Google is working. The tests carried out can bring no small progress to the relatively cheap Android Go smartphone camera function.


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