At the CES International Consumer Electronics Show early this year, Hisense first demonstrated the world’s first color ink-screen reading mobile phone, attracting a lot of attention.

According to Hisense mobile phone official micro news, at the 2020 China Digital Reading Cloud Conference on April 23, Hisense will release the world’s first color ink screen reading mobile phone.

It is reported that the biggest highlight of Hisense’s color ink-screen reading mobile phone is the screen.

It is the world’s first color ink-screen reading mobile phone. It will use the world’s latest color printing technology, combined with electronic paper display technology, can display 4096 colors , soft and gentle, long time reading does not hurt your eyes, ultra-low power consumption, and continuous display when power is off, enabling you to enjoy reading anytime, anywhere.

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Hisense will release the world's first color ink screen reading mobile phone on April 23

In addition, like the black and white ink screen, the color ink screen also has the characteristics of the ink screen: the screen itself does not emit light, but relies on natural light imaging, so the screen itself does not produce any blue light and other harmful light, and can be read without blue light damage during the day.

Night reading uses the built-in front warm light source and relies on diffuse reflection display, which greatly reduces the damage of blue light to the eyes.

In terms of content, Hisense Color Ink Reader will also cooperate with Jingdong Reading, Palm Reading, QQ Reading, Migu Reading, People Reading and other major content platforms to optimize the reading experience and unlock multi-level and multi-dimensional reading scenarios (system open).

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In addition, on the press conference on April 23, 2020 when the color ink screen reading mobile phone will be released, Hisense Mobile will also bring its latest educational eye protection tablet.



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