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Horizon Forbidden West is Sony’s latest game with free upgrade to PS5

PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 games will no longer be upgraded for free between generations; last game in this format will be the new Horizon which, incidentally, made Sony reverse decision

Horizon Forbidden West, contrary to what was disclosed, will have free upgrade of the PS4 version to that of PS5. Sony decided to go back after several criticisms from the players, but assured that this will be the last game in the studio with free upgrade. All future releases on both platforms will cost $10 to upgrade in the next generation. It sounds confusing, but I’ll explain better, next.

Turns out the free upgrade of the new Horizon was promised in 2020. Sony even mentioned that ps5 release games would be upgraded for free from their PS4 version if the player migrated to the new console. Last week, however, the company ignored its own promise and indicated that the upgrade would be paid for.

After several complaints from fans on the Internet, it got ugly. PlayStation fans were no longer happy with the emergence of paid upgrades, as in Ghost of Tsushima,but the situation only worsened with the system used in Horizon Forbidden West.

The gratuity is over

And now, with the move to the already anticipated format of the new Horizon,Sony has decided that it will no longer make free updates between generations. Jim Ryan, director of the PlayStation line, personally confirmed on PS Blog:

“I want to confirm that from now on, Sony PlayStation games on ps4 and PS5, whether physical or digital, will have an upgrade option for $10. This will apply to the upcoming God of War and Gran Turismo 7,plus any other PS4 and PS5 game published by Sony Interactive Entertainment,” the executive wrote.

Note the detail: only for games published by Sony, ie produced by the studio itself. The decision to offer free upgrades on games from other companies is up to each studio – Sony should not establish a general rule on this.

Source: PSU.

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