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How to advertise on the Facebook Marketplace

You want to let go of something? Here's how to advertise on Facebook Marketplace, a tool where members can buy and sell

The Facebook Marketplace acts as a “classified” for users of the social network. Focused on the purchase and sale of products, the tool exists within the FB itself and can be used by all members of the social network. When you access this section, you see a kind of online store with different types of items for sale, new or used. Learn in this tutorial how to advertise on the Facebook Marketplace.

How to create an ad on Facebook Marketplace

In addition to common items, the social network also allows users to create classifieds for vehicles, residential real estate for sale or rental, and job openings. You can register your item through FB in the browser or by the mobile app. See step by step:

By browser

  1. Open Facebook on your computer;
  2. In the side menu, click “See More” > “Marketplace”;
  3. Click “Create new sorted”;
  4. Choose the category of your classified — item, vehicle, residential property to sell/rent or job opening. In my case, I selected “item”;
  5. It’s time to add your product details. Upload attractive photos, give a name, price (to mark as free, leave as “0”), category and condition of use. If you want, you can also enter the size and write a description in more detail about what is being advertised;
  6. Set the location – this part is important, because then the ad will reach people who are close to you;
  7. Inform availability, i.e. if this is a single item or if there is stock;
  8. With everything ready, click “Next”. If the button is gray, make sure that all required information has been filled in;
  9. Click “Publish”.
How to create an ad on Facebook Marketplace

After that, the post will already be available on marketplace. People who are interested can send a message through Messenger to continue with the negotiation.

In-app (iOS and Android)

  1. Open the Facebook app on your mobile device;
  2. Tap the Marketplace icon in the bottom menu (it’s the second);
  3. Go to “Sell” > “Create new classified”;
  4. Select the category — item, vehicle, house for sale/rental, or job opening;
  5. Add the product photos and other information you need, such as title, condition, category, and ad price;
  6. Write a description (optional);
  7. Set the location—that way, people near you can find the item more easily. If you want, check the “Offer shipping” box;
  8. Tap “Next.” You can also publish to groups beyond marketplace —just select them;
  9. To finish, tap “Publish.”

Ready! The ad will be created and can be viewed by other users.

Good sales practices

Facebook has some suggestions for those who want to advertise on Marketplace:

  • Delivery and pick-up of items on-site helps prevent direct interaction with people;
  • Use a photo that clearly shows the item and its conditions. If possible, include several original photos of the item instead of photos from a company’s website;
  • Add a detailed description of the item and its conditions. Be sure to mention stains or wear marks;
  • If you are selling used clothing or footwear, try to make them as clean as possible;
  • If you are selling toiletries, they must be new and in the original and sealed packaging;
  • Try to ensure that both are in accordance with the price of the item and the exact location of the match;
  • Before accepting payment, let the buyer review the item and confirm if it is really what he wants.

Source: Facebook.

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