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Here is how to send full HD photo on WhatsApp 
Do you know you can actually send photos on WhatsApp without having quality drop or blurry photos? Now you know. When you share an image on WhatsApp whether to a friend or on your status the quality of the image tends to reduce.

There could be many reasons why this happens, maybe to reduce bandwidth usage, to reduce the loads on their servers or maybe to reduce the time taken for the image to be sent or received but this is not cool as over millions of photos are being shared across WhatsApp users on a daily basis.

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There is actually a way to circumvent this and it’s pretty simple.

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When sending a photo on WhatsApp, most people tend to send it from the gallery or maybe from clicking the camera button as shown in the image below.

And by so doing the quality of the image reduces and this is because you sent it as an image.

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Here is how to send a full HD Photo even on Whatsapp without having to lose the quality or size.

  • Click the attachment pin (a dialogue will pop-up showing different options)
Click the attachment icon

  • Then click on documents 
Click documents
  • Open “Browse other docs…“, (You’ll be redirected to your file manager)
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Click “browse other docs…”
  • Navigate to your image folder 
  • Pick the image you want to share
  • Send it.
Image sent

 It will be sent with the original quality so you don’t have to worry about pixelated photos or blurry photos anymore while sending photos through WhatsApp but the only problem is that you won’t be able to see the thumbnail of the image.

This same method can be applied to iOS as well.

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There are other applications such as Telegram that does the same thing pretty much as WhatsApp and its allows you to send full HD photos and videos without compression or reducing the quality. It’s available for both Android and iOS.

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