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How To Borrow Airtime Without Service Charge On Airtel

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How To Borrow Airtime On Airtel Without Paying For Service Charge.

Since network providers in Nigeria launch the Extra credit service to borrow airtime, our telecommunication companies have earned a lot of money with the little percent service costs they charge after borrowing the airtime. Initially, it all started with a service charge of 10%. But now it has been increased to 15% service costs.

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MTN will take 15 Naira service charge fee when you borrow 100 Naira.

Airtel will also take 15Naira service charge free when you borrow 100Naira. So imagine you borrow N1000 to subscribe and a service charge of 15℅ is deducted (N150). See how annoying it could be?

This has led some subscribers to lose their interest to borrow airtime from the network providers as the purpose for borrowing will be defeated.

However, there is a simple code to bypass service charges on the Airtel network when you borrow airtime.

So I will be sharing with you how to borrow airtime on Airtel without service charge.


You need two things;

  • An Airtel SIM that is eligible to borrow airtime. To be eligible to borrow airtime you must have been using the SIM for more than 3 months and use an average of N100 monthly.
  • Your Android smartphone


  1. Dial *500*0# and select the amount you want to borrow
  2. If you are eligible for Airtel extra credit, you will receive a message from Airtel that you have been credited with the amount you requested without any service charge applied 
  3. If you are not eligible, you will receive a message from Airtel like this “Dear customer, you do not qualify for Extra credit. Please keep your Airtel line active.”

NOTE: Don’t use *500# or else the service charge will be deducted. Don’t forget it is *500*0# and your SIM must be eligible.

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