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How to buy motorcycles and cars in Cyberpunk 2077

Are you tired of walking? Take a look at how to get bikes and cars in Cyberpunk 2077

Cyberpunk 2077, open-world RPG game of CD Projekt Red, takes place in the megalopolis Night City and, like every big city, is clogged with vehicles. Unfortunately, there is no way to have any of them, but if you have the money available (or the right mission) it is possible to get your hands on beautiful “heaters” as the game itself says. Learn how.

How to buy motorcycles and cars in Cyberpunk 2077

As you progress through the main campaign, as well as complete secondary job contracts (remember, V is a mercenary), you’ll gain prestige and reputation with your channels, that is, with the people who get the services for you.

By gaining fame in Night City, from time to time you will receive messages with offers to buy motorcycles and vehicles of various types, visuals and performance. Now comes the not very exciting part: everyone is very expensive. You can hardly buy such a vehicle at the beginning of the game (and there is no way to steal them).

All messages with offers you receive will be recorded in the “Carangas” category in your Journal. If you already have the money to buy a vehicle, activate the offer (as you would any mission) and proceed to the destination. Now just approach the car and press the button indicated on the screen to buy.

Your beautiful and overpriced vehicle, newly purchased, will be listed in your garage and can be called at any time, as long as you are close to a place where you can travel with it.

Important: As much as you can steal cars, they won’t be saved in your garage. This happens only with carangas purchased or unlocked throughout the gameplay. Speaking of which…

How to unlock vehicles for free in Cyberpunk 2077

You can unlock some specific vehicles throughout the main campaign or even exploring the map, and they will also be saved in your garage – as well as the ones you buy. This does not involve any kind of mod or hack of the game.

To avoid spoilers, I’ll just stop to say that these unlockable cars and bikes can be achieved by completing side missions as well, especially those that activate multiple submissions at the same time (you earn the snapper as a kind of reward for your dedication).

There are some that are hidden in main missions too and others that you will earn just by completing a story arc. Exploring the world is also important to find more exotic cars lost out there. Take a special tour of the Baldias Lands – the place may seem forgotten, but there’s always something interesting to find there.

Good shopping (or acquisitions) and foot on the road!

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