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How to Call a Person that Blocked your Number

Call a number that blocked you

Have you ever tried calling somebody before and you get an instant number is busy prompt when the call is about to go through? Many people don’t know about this and how it works. You maybe thinking  that the person you’re trying to reach is having a long conversation with someone else (maybe his/her boyfriend/girlfriend), Nothing of such is happening.

Okay quick question, did you try it again another day after the first time and you still got the same message that the number is busy when it was about to ring? If you did and still got this same number busy prompt, it definitely means the person has blocked your number from calling his/her phone.

If you’ve been blocked by a friend or a person and instead of using another number to call, you could actually still call that number with the number that was blocked with this tweak because calling the person with another number can still get blocked. All you have to do is hide your caller identity.

So I’ll be teaching you today how to call a number that have blocked your number with the same number that was blocked by hiding your caller so as to shock the person that blocked you. 

Follow these steps;
  1. Get your phone
  2. Open your phone dialer
  3. Dial #31# or *67 followed by your number to encrypt your phone number e.g #31#07056898673 *6707056898673
  4. The receiver will see a private number calling (humans are very curious, so they’d want to find out who is calling with a private number). Bingo!! Yeah you’ve him/her.

Advantages of hiding your caller ID

  • You get to be anonymous
  • You can’t be called back
  • It can’t be blocked

Disadvantages of hiding your caller ID

  • Your calls might get rejected 
  • Some network carriers might require you pay extra charges.

Note: Only the numbers you add the #31# or *67 prefix to before calling will have your number hidden. In other words, anytime you need to hide your identity on a call, you have to add the prefix #31# or *67 before calling the number. 

It won’t be hidden for toll free numbers and emergency numbers like 200 or 911.

It’s for educational purposes only. We won’t be responsible for any misuse of the code.

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