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How to create a GIF by ejecting someone in Among Us

With Ejector, you can download the custom gif and even insert your own image in place of the crew member

In Among Us, members must identify the impostors and place them out of the spacecraft. With each vote, users can choose a person they are suspicious of, and who receives the most votes will be eliminated. When this happens, a message appears on the screen and reveals to people who was ejected was or was not an impostor. There is a website that simulates this same screen and turns it into a GIF—you can choose the phrase that will appear and the color of the ejected crew member.

Ejector Among Us

Creating the GIF is quite simple. Follow the steps below to customize the screen the way you want, without having to record the mobile screen during the game.

In addition to the character of the game itself, you can upload an image from your phone or computer and customize the GIF. Thus, instead of having the crew design, the GIF will be with the selected image being ejected from Among Us.

  1. Enter ejector.kassellabs.io;
  2. Choose the color of the character or, if you want to upload your own image, click “Upload an Ejection Image Here” and select the image you want. You can also insert the link to an image from the internet—to do so, copy the URL and paste it to “Image URL”;
  3. Under “Ejection text”, type the first text that will appear in the GIF. The default is “Red wasn’t the Impostor”, but you can switch to the color or username you want. If you prefer, you can also change the text indicating that the person was the Impostor.
  4. Under “Impostor Remain text”, type the text that will appear below. The default is “1 Impostor left”, but you can switch to what you prefer;
  5. Click “Download GIF” to generate the animation.

Ready! After that, just save the GIF ejection on your phone, tablet or computer.

Player being ejected from the ship in Among US

Haven’t tried Among Us yet? It is free on iOS and Android. On the computer, it is distributed only by Steam, for $ 10, and exclusive to Windows. However, you can use an Android emulator and download Among Us for free on both Windows and macOS.

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