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How to enable 2FA on PS4 [Two-Factor Authentication]

If you want to make your PSN account more secure, Two-Factor Authentication is a good option. Here's how to enable 2FA on PS4

Who is a PSN user has heard at some point reports of accounts hacked or stolen, for various reasons. And making your account safer is not difficult. Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) serves as a guarantee that only you can access your profile, as it adds one more way to verify your login in addition to your password. Follow in this tutorial how to enable 2FA on PS4.

How to activate 2FA on PS4

Two-Factor Authentication means you need to enter your password plus a code, received by SMS or generated by authenticating apps, when signing in to your PSN account. Additionally, any password or ID changes will also need the generated code before it is committed. To enable 2FA on PS4, follow the steps:

  1. On your PS4 home screen, enter the “Settings” menu;
  2. Select the “Account management” option;
  3. Go to “Account Information”;
  4. Select “Security”;
How to activate ADF on PS4
  1. Choose the “Two-step verification” option;
  2. Choose the option to receive the verification code: by SMS or by the authenticator application;
  3. Enter your phone number, for SMS or follow the settings to receive the code in the authenticator app.
Setup 2 step authentication

From then on, you’ll receive the code by SMS or enter what was generated in the authentication app to confirm the activation of the two-step verification. You’ll be disconnected from your account on all devices and will need to sign in again.

How to sign in to PS4 with Authentication enabled

Now, here’s how to sign in with Two-Factor Authentication enabled:

  1. On the PSN login screen, fill in your ID and password;
  2. You will receive a verification code via SMS or need to generate the code in the authenticator app of your choice;
  3. Enter the code and select “check”.

The verification code is valid for 10 minutes after the login. After this time, if you need to re-sign in, you need to receive or generate a new access code.


If you want to switch the SMS authentication method to authenticator application or otherwise, simply redo the path above and disable the 2FA and then, in the same options, turn verification back on and choose the new way.

Source: PlayStation.


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