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How to Enable Dark Mode on Official Facebook

After the release of dark mode on Instagram and Messenger, many Facebook fans have been requesting for how to get dark mode on Facebook as well.

In this post, I’m going to teach you how to enable dark mode on Facebook in different ways and of course without any modded app but with Facebook.com.

Before we start, let’s talk a little about Facebook. Facebook is by far the biggest social media platform on Earth and it’s own by Mark Zuckerberg. Zuckerberg also owns Whatsapp and Instagram and has included many interesting features to these social media platforms such as story, status and the likes. 

He created Facebook on 4th of February, 2004 and ever since then the platform has grown to be the biggest social media platform on Earth. To make things interesting and to increase user’s experience, new updates and features are being added to Facebook, Whatsapp and Instagram constantly and that has brought down to how to enable Dark Mode on Facebook. 

How to enable Dark Mode on Facebook.com using Chrome Browser

To enable dark mode on Facebook.com using Chrome Browser,
  • Open Chrome
  • Enter this

    into the address bar

  • Search for dark mode on the search bar 
  • Click enable to enable Dark mode with the Chrome flags.

Note: This might have an effect on your broswer and will not only enable dark mode for facebook.com but all other other website will also be open on dark mode. Some users might not like the dark mode while some others might like it. 

You can disable dark mode at any time by going back to


and then click on reset to default or set it to disabled. 

How to enable Dark mode on facebook.com using Safari

If you have already enabled dark mode on your iOS device, iPhone, iPad and Mac book, you just have to visit facebook.com with Safari broswer and you’ll find out that facebook.com is already on dark mode.
Technically, if you OS supports and has dark mode enabled already, when you open facebook.com using the broswer, it will load into the dark mode of the website. 

How to enable Dark mode on Facebook lite

This only works if your device supports dark mode. To enable dark mode on Facebook lite,
  • Open PlayStore
  • Download Facebook lite 
  • Login into your Facebook account
  • Go to Settings and privacy
  • Enable dark mode
Facebook is also an official application from Facebook with perhaps lesser features but the good thing about it is that it uses less data and can work in all network conditions.

Use Dark mode on Facebook with Maki: Facebook and Messenger in one app

This is the best Facebook mobile app alternative with built-in Messenger. 
  • Download Maki: Facebook and Messenger app from Playstore
  • Sign-in with your Facebook account
  • Go to Settings and 
  • Click on General
  • Then enable dark mode from General settings
Maki: Facebook and Messenger in on-app is well-designed, quick & comfortable for every day use. It doesn’t track you and it has no ads.
This app has dark mode and AMOLED mode on devices with AMOLED screen (for example, Samsung) to save even more battery life. You can set start and end time of the night theme and it will be enabled automatically. 
Twitter, Instagram, Reddit, and more socials are built-in as well.
You can also download Facebook and Instagram videos and images through this app. 
Apparently, Dark mode for Facebook application on iPhone and Android is undergoing test, so expect the dark mode on the official Facebook app soon. Until then.
I hope you find this post helpful? If yoy did please share to social medias and forums and leave a comment below if you have any suggestion or if you want to appreciate us.
Thank you!!

A tech savvy. I love writing about tech and gadgets. Call me the Techie guy :).


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