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How to export a WhatsApp conversation [.txt]

In addition to smart phone backup; learn how to export a WhatsApp conversation in text to save wherever you want

Losing that important information is not legal. Messages exchanged via WhatsApp are saved every day in backup files on your smartphone device. It is possible to save additional files in addition to your device, see in my article how to export a WhatsApp conversation in a [.txt] file to backup offline.

How is it saved on the smartphone?

Daily backup files of conversations are saved on the smartphone. The hours are the least used, dawn. 

The local backup will be in a WhatsApp folder within the root of your phone. If the factory settings are restored, the conversation will be lost. If you want to protect your history, there are other methods.

How to save to Google Drive?

The second option to backup your WhatsApp conversations is within Google Drive. To do this, simply access your settings within the application. 

  1. Press the three dots (more options), next to the magnifying glass;
  2. Select “Settings”;
  3. Click on “Conversations”;
  4. Now go to “Conversation Backup”;
  5. You can see the time of your last backups, location and Google Drive;
  6. You can configure the period between backups in Google Drive, account to be linked, and the type of connection used.

How to export conversations?

The last backup alternative is to do a manual export to an email, in .txt format, which can be read in the notepad or another simple text reader.

  1. Press the three dots (more options), next to the magnifying glass;
  2. Select “Settings”;
  3. Click on “Conversations”;
  4. “Conversation history”;
  5. Select “Export conversation”;
  6. Then choose which conversation you want to export;
  7. Choose to export “without media” or “include media files”;
  8. Select the email app you use;
  9. Enter the address you want to send;
  10. Download the .txt file from the email and save it wherever you want.

What’s the difference?

It is a logical sequence of protection levels. Saving only on the mobile device, in case of loss or formatting of the device, the conversations will disappear. When we save to Google Drive, conversations can be recovered by your Google account, independently of the WhatsApp application. 

The export method in .txt is the last line of protection, even if you do not have access to the cell phone and your Google account, the copies of the conversations may be saved, offline, on some flash drive or external HD.

I hope I helped to know how to export a WhatsApp conversation in the [.txt] format. It is an interesting way to file evidence, in the case of the need to report something, such as abuse and threats. 

Source: whatsapp.

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