How to Fix Most Common Android Problems

If your Android smartphone is not functioning properly, it can be quite frustrating. For many, it is the most used object and we also store the most important information in it. But unfortunately some failures, bugs or crashes are inevitable. Especially when you have an older device. We have listed the most common Android problems with a solution for you.


If your phone has become slow or hangs itself regularly, it could just be because of some apps that are using too much data on your device or because they keep running in the background. Locating these apps and removing them, or at least clearing their cache, can help make your device run smoother again.

On an Android smartphone,

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  • Go to ‘settings
  • Then select ‘apps‘. Under ‘manage apps‘ you can see which apps you have installed and how much data and RAM they use
  • Tap the app you want to clear cache to manage the app.
  • Tap on ‘clear data‘ and then choose ‘clear cache‘. This only removes all temporary files that the app stores on your device.
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Clear data and Cache on Android

Do you really want to do a big cleaning?

  • Then choose ‘clear data’. This will clear all app data such as files, settings, accounts, database and the cache.

Unknown problem

If your phone is troubling more often and this is not limited to when you are using a single app then there may be another problem. Maybe an app update is not installed properly or your phone is overheating.

Overheating can be caused by a faulty charger, dead battery, or lack of storage space on your phone that can make your phone work harder. Monitor the temperature of your phone when you charge it or just use it without a charger.

In case of overheating, it is best to switch off your device and give it a moment to rest. Incidentally, it may just be that the problem is solved afterwards. Switching your device on and off works as a kind of reset with which many problems can be solved.

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Is your screen frozen and you can’t turn off your phone in the usual way? Then you will have to perform a hard reset. How you do this depends on the type of phone you have. It is often the case that you have to hold down a certain key combination to perform the hard reset. To find out which key combination applies to your phone, search Google for ‘hard reset (phone model type)’.

If the hard reset did not help, you may still consider resetting your phone to factory settings. You can find this option under ‘settings’ and then under ‘backup and reset’. Just make sure you have backed up your files before doing this or you will lose them.

Too little storage

Your phone can overheat and run poorly if you run out of storage space. To free up more space,

  • Go to ‘Settings’
  • Then go to ‘Storage’. Here you can see exactly how much space is occupied by, for example, apps, media and other files. In some cases there is also a clean-up function with which you can easily free up space.
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Is this not the case on your phone? Then you will have to manually delete and uninstall files and apps respectively.

uninstall files and apps

Hardware problems

Some Android problems can also be due to the hardware. In that case you can probably fix little from home and a professional will have to look at it. For example, a battery can drain in a few hours and then you are probably ready for replacement. You can have the battery replaced by a professional or choose to buy a brand new phone. Before you do this, it pays to check under ‘settings’ and then ‘battery’ if there is not an app that drains your battery. In addition, you can extend the life of a battery by not leaving your phone on the charger for hours after it has already been fully charged.

I hope this helps😉.


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