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How to Get Opera Daily free browsing 50MB on MTN & Airtel

I’m delighted to announce to you that the internet connectivity giants Opera team the owners of Opera news and Opera mini have once again partnered with MTN and Airtel to offer daily free browsing to all MTN and Airtel subscribers.

It was announced on Sunday, December 29, 2019 that MTN and Airtel will be offering free 50MB to their subscribers which can be used to browse any website using Opera mini and read news on OperaNews.

Wait… It’s actually not a free browsing cheat please i.e you don’t need any VPN or tweak to browse freely. It’s an official partnership with MTN and Opera.

Opera said that the last time they gave out free browsing data, they received many positive comments from happy users like you who want to enjoy more of the web for free.

Opera also said that they understand that data is kind of expensive and they are willing to help you manage and save your data package so you can use them when you really need them take for instance, you want to check the latest activity of your friends on Facebook or Instagram, or chatting with friends and family on Whatsapp. You might have probably used it to browse or read a news on Opera mini and Opera News. So Opera team were encouraged to launch another round of free browsing with Airtel and MTN as their partners.

The good thing about this offer is that Opera mini is a fast and lightweight browser and at the same time contains an in-built data saving feature so you might probably not exhaust the 50MB everyday but if you eventually exhausted it here are some super deals data plans that you can buy for Opera mini and Opera News that could last up to a month.

But please note that the free browsing is only available on the Opera mini version 19+ and Opera News. So if you are using an older version of Opera mini, you are advised to upgrade to the latest version of Opera mini browser. To check the current version of the Opera mini browser you are using, open Opera mini > go to Settings > About Opera Mini > check for updates.

Requirements for MTN And Airtel Opera Free Browsing.

How to get the daily free browsing data with Opera Mini and Opera News?

If you have Opera News or Opera mini or both Installed on your phone, just switch on your data connection and open any either of the above mentioned app and start browsing for free. You would also see a pop-up notification that you are now enjoying free 50MB browsing session on Opera mini and Opera News courtesy of Opera.

Opera daily free 50mb

How to be eligible to get free 50MB for Opera News and Opera mini.

I’d said earlier that you have to upgrade to the lastest version of Opera mini to be eligible to get the daily free 50MB as an MTN or Airtel subscriber to browse for free on Opera mini and read news on Opera News.

Note: you can only use this data to browse. It can’t be used to download or stream videos.

That’s all folks. If you have any questions please feel free to ask by leaving it in the comments section below.

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  1. I’ve been using opera news for long,and it has been working well.but recently I can’t browse…..the free 50mb is nt working

  2. I’m using airtel line and I can’t browse on opera news for free except I use data and I do browse on opera mini free, I don’t know the cause


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