How to get WhatsApp on iPad

WhatsApp is an ideal app to chat with because almost everyone uses it, but unlike, for example, Facebook Messenger, the chat service only works on your smartphone and desktop, not on your tablet. However, there is a way to get WhatsApp on your iPad.

Don’t feel like using WhatsApp Web? Be patient for a while. It seems that Apple is working on a real WhatsApp app for the iPad. It will take a while before the app is available, but you probably won’t have to wait very long!

How to use WhatsApp on your iPad

If you are going to use this method, it is important to realize that WhatsApp is not built for use on the iPad, in short, certain functions, such as sending voice messages, will not work. Sending and receiving messages, on the other hand, is perfect and in our opinion makes this work-around worthwhile.

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So you can’t really install WhatsApp on your iPad yet, all you can do is;

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  • Open the web interface in Safari (or any other browser app). You do that by surfing to You will notice that you are now not getting to the web interface, but on the WhatsApp homepage, the reason is that the mobile page is loading.
Go to whatsapp web
  • Press and hold the Refresh button at the top to load the WhatsApp desktop version and you will see the correct page.
Request desktop version
  • You will see a QR code on this page.
  • Scan this code with your smartphone to link this web version of WhatsApp to the version of WhatsApp on your smartphone.
  • You do this by pressing Settings > WhatsApp Web / Desktop in WhatsApp on your smartphone
Scan whatsapp web QR code
  • Then press Scan QR code at the bottom. Once you have scanned the QR code on your iPad, the page on your iPad will reload and you can use WhatsApp on your iPad.
Whatsapp web is ready to be used on iPad

If you want to log out of WhatsApp on your iPad, you’ll have to log out of all devices and then log back in on your phone again to continue WhatsApp on your phone and not your iPad.

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You do this by pressing Settings > WhatsApp Web / Desktop in WhatsApp on your smartphone then click on “log out of all devices” and choose “Log out” from the box that pops up.

How to logout of WhatsApp on iPad

You can also place a shortcut to on the home screen of your iPad to make it look like you have WhatsApp installed as an app on your tablet.


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