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How to increase volume in android phone beyond the limit

Learn how to increase the volume of the phone beyond the limit recommended by the device

Is your Android phone sound too low? It is possible to increase the volume of it beyond the limit allowed by the system, either with third-party apps or with homemade and simple solutions, which do not require the purchase of a Bluetooth box, which can be quite expensive.

How to increase volume in android phone beyond the limit

There is more than one way to increase the sound of your Android phone, and/or to improve your sound performance. Let’s look at some of them:

1. With apps

Most sound adjustment applications work with standard sound settings. The iPhone, for example, has its own equalizer (accessible in Settings, Music, Equalizer), with pre-settings for different types of music. Some manufacturers, like Samsung, offer native equalization apps for their devices, such as SoundAssistant, but are not compatible with other brands’ phones.

In both cases, there are third-party apps that allow you to deeply adjust the audio controls, or increase the volume beyond the limit imposed by the manufacturer.

1. GOODEV ( Android )

volume booster goodev android

Available for Android, GOODEV allows you to bypass the standard system settings, and increase the volume beyond the pre-defined limits. Accessing it is quite simple, and the settings are easy to adjust. However, the user must be careful with the volume level, which can be very high and can cause damage to the cell phone and hearing.

GOODEV is free.

Equalizer + for iPhone  free , and offers in-app purchases to free up additional features, such as a manual equalizer.

2. Equalizer + (iPhone)

Equalizer + (iPhone)

Available for iPhone, Equalizer + does not necessarily increase the cell phone’s gross volume, but it does offer a number of custom settings to enhance the listening experience. With it, you can enhance the standard sound, or increase the power of the bass and treble; this way, the result can be a nice boost in the overall volume of the music playing.

Equalizer + for iPhone  free , and offers in-app purchases to free up additional features, such as a manual equalizer.

3. Equalizer + (Android)

The name is the same, but the app is different (in parts). Available for Android, Equalizer +  is very similar to the version found on the iPhone, although it was developed by a different company. Like its “brother”, it allows you to enhance the bass and treble and enhance the sound, but unlike the other, the manual equalizer is released from the beginning.

Equalizer + for Android is free, and offers in-app purchases only for removing ads.

4. Volume Booster (Android)

Available for Android, Volume Booster is similar to GOODEV: it has settings that allow you to increase the gross sound of the phone by up to 60%, and like the other application, can cause distortions and damage to the device or your hearing. It also allows you to adjust the bass and has a simple equalizer.

Volume Booster is free .

2. With homemade amplifiers (gambiarra mode)

With homemade amplifiers (gambiarra mode)

If you have skill with your hands, you can risk building homemade amplifiers , like the one in the photo above, using an empty toilet paper roll and two plastic cups:

  1. Cut a hole in the roll with a stylus, where the cell phone will be fitted;
  2. Mark the edges of the roll in each of the cups, make openings and fit them on the ends;
  3. Seal the outside of the barrel and cups with adhesive tape or glue.

That done, put the phone in the cavity and play your music. The sound will be transmitted by the roller, and amplified by the glasses.

Now, if you are really creative and skilled, and know how to work with other materials, such as wood, you can risk some better-worked home projects, with a semi-professional and relatively simple finish, at least for those who understand the subject.

Although this amplifier is not as cheap as the one made with a roll of toilet paper and plastic cups, this is still a much more affordable solution than buying a Bluetooth speaker, and it can last longer.

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