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How to keep the name invisible in Among Us

It's not a hack, the trick is to use a specific character. Leaving the name blank in Among Us is easier than you think

Have you seen any “unnamed” players in Among Us’ rooms and matches? Invisible name, blank name, no name – call it what you want, the tactic is the same and can give you a slight advantage if you are an imposter in the game. Follow this tutorial and learn how to keep the name invisible in Among Us.

It is not necessary to use any hack or plugin. The trick, in fact, is quite simple.

Username invisible in Among Us

Although the game is available for iOS Android and PC , here the test of the blank name only worked on the phone. You can test by computer, but the game is likely to decline.

The secret is to use a Unicode character when choosing the username in the game. There is no point in using just the space bar, as normal space will not be considered as a character and you will not be able to advance to the next screen. For the invisible name to work in Among Us, just follow the steps below:

  1. Copy the blank space between these quotation marks “ㅤ”;
  2. Open Among Us and choose between Local or Online;
  3. Tap the field to type your name in the game and paste the character;
Username invisible in Among Us
  1. Create your own room or enter an existing one;
  2. Ready! Now you know how to keep the name invisible in Among Us. No text will appear below your character, as in my image.

I tested the blank username on both the cell phone and the computer, but here it worked only by cell phone.

Why leave username invisible?

The tactic is used to outwit other players, but it really is a little questionable.

It only makes sense if you are chosen as an impostor, and yet other people can accuse you for the color of the doll – “it’s cyan”, “it’s pink”, as is commonplace – or they can simply refer to you like “is the nameless”.

How to keep the name invisible in Among Us

But there is a small advantage to playing without a name – you can move around the map without attracting so much attention. Very long usernames can be seen easily, even when they are on the other side of the map. With the name invisible, there is no text floating below the doll.

With your name blank, other users will only see you from afar if they are really paying attention, it is easier to “camouflage” yourself as an imposter. However, if you are a team member and not an imposter, the blank name won’t make a difference.

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