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How to Make and Receive Calls on Windows 10 PC

Link your phone and PC to make calls and receive calls

The long-awaited feature most Windows users with phones have been expecting is finally here. Especially for people that like using big screens. So you don’t have to stop what you’re doing on a big screen to do something else on a small screen. You can now easily answer and make calls on your Windows PC. You can also send calls straight to voicemail.

The new feature named Calls is part of the  Windows 10 Insider Preview. You’ll need that to begin and an Android phone of version 7 or newer or preferably Android 10.

If you’re already part of the Windows 10 Insider Program, you can get going with the listed steps below.

How to set up the Your Phone app and synchronize your phone and your PC

To link Windows 10 to your Android phone, start with Windows 10’s Your Phone app.
  1. In Windows 10 Preview, open the your phone app, Click Android over on the right and click Continue.
  2. Enter your phone number and click send to have Microsoft send you a link, that you’ll use to link up your Android phone to your PC.
  3. Over on your Android phone, open the text message and click the link, it’ll take you to the app page in Google Play.
  4. Download and install, after installation open the application.
  5. In the application, fill in your Microsoft login credentials and sign in.
  6. In the next window, tap Continue and then click Allow if you want to let the app access your contacts, manage phone calls, access files on the phone and send and view SMS messages.
  7. Next click Continue and then Allow if you want the application to run in the background.
  8. Finally, click Allow to let your Android device connect with your PC, then click Continue and finally tap Done.
  9. Over in Windows 10, in Phone calls settings, you may also need to give the Your Phone app permission to make calls.
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How to make and receive Android phone calls on Windows

The Windows 10 my phone app can now use your Android phone to make and receive calls directly.

With everything set up, you can now start handling your Android phone duties on your PC using Your Phone.

  1.  From your Android Phone, in the left pane, tap Calls.
  2. To make a call, you can search for contacts or use the dialer.
  3. When a call is incoming, a dialog box will pop up with options to accept or decline a call or send a message instead of answering.

Microsoft said it’s rolling out the new Calls part of Your Phone gradually, so it may take a while to be available. For another take on Microsoft embrace of Android phones, check out the upcoming Surface Duo.

So with all this, we must say it’s actually a nice feature and Microsoft must be given some accolades.

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