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How to put a password on PS4

Learn how to put a password on each profile on PS4 and prevent people without user accounts from playing on the console

You can create an extra layer of security on your PS4 to prevent strangers from using your Sony console. The owner can protect each profile with an access password and prevent the system from accepting the registration of new user accounts. Learn in this article how to put a password on ps4 and protect your console.

PS4 has security options

The PS4 has security settings aimed not only at parents, who need to control their children, but also to prevent access to the console by strangers who can get close to it and try to use it.

By default, PS4 allows anyone to access a registered user’s account, create a new profile with their PSN account, or even use a guest account, but all of these loopholes can be closed.

How to put password in PS4 profiles

The PS4 has a feature that activates a password in the profiles, a code that accesses that is nothing more than a 4-digit numeric PIN, similar to what we use on the phone. Once active, it is prompted every time a user sign in with their account to the console.

Here’s how to put a password on a PS4 profile.

  1. On PS4, go to “Settings”;
  2. Go to “Login settings,” “Login access code management”;
How to put password in PS4 profiles
  1. On the next screen, PS4 will ask you to create a 4-digit code, which will be the profile access password.
    Each button of the DualShock 4 control corresponds to a number, press them in order to create the code;
  2. Enter the same code in the top and bottom fields;
How to put password in PS4 profiles
  1. After you enter the code a second time, the access password is created and active.

The next time you or anyone else signs in to that account, PS4 will ask for the password to allow access.

Noting that the password can be placed on all active profiles in the console. Parents can use the profile password to control children’s play times if they are the only ones with access to child profile codes.

How to block new PS4 profile creation

Even with each user profile protected by a password on PS4, it is still possible for a stranger to create a new profile with their own PSN account, or sign in with a guest profile, which does not require login.

To avoid this, do the following:

  1. Go to “Settings,” “Parental Controls/Family Management”;
  2. Select the “PS4 System Restrictions” option;
  3. The console will ask for an access password to the parental control section. The default is “0000” if it has not been modified;
  4. Select the option “New user creation and guest login”;
  5. Check the “Not allowed” option.

From this point on, the PS4 will no longer let others create new profiles or access the system with the guest account, which will be disabled. Finally, accounts registered before turning off profiling, but never logged into PSN, will be blocked.

Thus, the only ones who will be able to play on the console will be those who have registered accounts and used them at least once and who have access to PINs (codes).

Source: PlayStation.

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