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How to secure yourself in PUBG Solo Competitive Mode matches

Unsupported; learn how to make sure pubg's Solo Competitive Mode matches, essential tips for lone wolves

Previously, “lone wolves” could only play in unranked matches. Pubg’s competitive mode now offers ranked matches to raise your rank faster, without the need to form a squad. Below are some essential tips on how to secure yourself in PUBG Solo Competitive Mode matches and succeed in the most electrifying mode of Battle Royale from Korean Bluehole.

How to play solo in PUBG?

1.Versatility in equipment

Without the support of your team, the player must be sufficient and cover most types of combat, at any distance. The needs within the match are alternating, the player can not have a fixed profile, so versatility is essential.

In the current goal of the game, some combinations have proven to be more effective: DMRs with 7.62 ammo plus the deadly Beryl, or a Sniper plus a versatile AR, such as the M4. But the goal is always upgradeable, with new additions and withdrawals of weapons and items, stay tuned for season updates.

Grenades have very important function in the game, do not forget them inside the backpack, we never know when it will be necessary to blow up the interior of a house.

Equipment diversity

2. Goal above all

When you want to quickly climb the rank, it is important to survive and have better placements. Players looking for more than 10 kills per game will be exposing themselves to unnecessary combat. Minimize your risks and maximize your score.

Always jump off the plane by choosing an unpopulated location, escape from the big cities. Places with many players have excess combat, with results that can be random, if your goal is to rise from rank, I doubt you want to return to the Lobby in the first few minutes of play. Get the first loots in safe places.

Just think of conflict when there are 10 players left, but always preserving yourself, don’t shoot even with sight if you’re not sure where the other players are. Let them kill each other, position themselves well and finish the game against the last opponent.

Avoid unnecessary conflicts

3. Open your ears

Listening to the footsteps of enemies, shots on the horizon and various other noises, such as vehicles, makes a lot of difference to try to figure out the position of enemies and define what your next decision will be.

If the goal is to evolve fast, do not play listening to music or exposed to sounds outside the game. Focus on all the noises of the game. Make settings both in the game and on your computer system, extending the sensitivity to lower sounds.

Another interesting possibility, is to train the ear with a friend, the sounds of the game, depending on the distance and elevation may be different. Stay safe and identify which weapon the enemy is at to calculate the danger offered.

4. Don’t run for airplane loot

The plane’s Loot holds some of PUBG’s most desired equipment, but also transforms the place where the box falls into a death trap. Analyze the situation before deciding whether it is worth the approach or not. Despite the high risks, finding a level 3 equipment can be a differentiator in the final moments of the match.

If the box falls near the player in a safe position, it is best to spend a few minutes waiting for someone to approach and make the kill. The most practical thing is to move to the next safe place, avoiding unnecessary conflicts.

Marking the drop of the plane is worth more than running for it

5. Vehicles are key

Vehicles are not for riding in competitive modes. With a vehicle you can spend more time searching for equipment, as you can still arrive quietly in the next safe area.

You can go to the area first and take a privileged spot while the other players do not arrive. Vehicles can be used as cover in the final safe area, if in an open location.

The indicated is to train the direction of vehicles in “training” mode and learn how to make little noise. Using the accelerator only when necessary and taking advantage of the descents to gain speed, it is possible.

Another interesting way to practice is to turn off the car engine by pressing Z or the player-defined key to make even less noise.

Vehicles are useful tools

6. Positions are victorious

In Solo Competitive Mode, there is no support from other players, such as being warned, flanked, or secondary long-range kills. So how to play solo in PUBG? The best way to do this is by positioning yourself well, preferably at the top, with vision advantage.

On hills and slopes, the player also gets the upper hand even though he is at the lowest point on some maps. Good positioning ensures victories in games, especially in the decisive moments of the match.

7. Learn to read the mini map

Information is the key to PUBG, whether by audio or visual. As a place where the enemies are, distance to the next safe area, among others. Much of this information can be obtained from the mini map. While playing, always look at it to make sure of the best decision and your next steps.

Another important tip is to use the dynamic markings, in Solo Competitive Mode, the best use of this option is to stipulate a priority route for the player to get close to the final safe area.

The mini map can save you

By following these tips you can know how to ensure yourself in PUBG Solo Competitive Mode matches. The tips are basically strategic, which is important, the game is more about survival in extreme situations than a simple shootout, it is worth knowing how to play solo in PUBG. Good Games!

Source: PUBG.


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