The option to share data on Glo has become very handy and at the same time very annoying to some people. Many GLO subscribers that do not know about this option have spent a lot of money buying data without the awareness that the subscription is being shared.

Even without your consent, your friend or someone else that already knows about this before you came across this post might have shared your data with themselves and they get to browse whenever you subscribe.

If you are a GLO subscriber and you notice that most times you subscribe, the data doesn’t last like it used to, you can check your data usage to see how much data you have used and you can also a  USSD code from GLO to check the person that is sharing your data with you and share or unshare data with someone as well.

How to see the list of people Sharing your data plan.

To see the list of people that are sharing your data with you is very easy. All you have to do is follow the steps as listed below;
  • Open your phone dialer
  • Dial *127*00#
  • A new screen will pop-up showing the list of contacts or people sharing your data plan.
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List of shared numbers
  • Open your phone messaging app
  • Enter “List” without the quotation mark
  • Text it to 127
  • You’ll get a list of the people sharing you data and just incase nobody is sharing your data with you, a message will be sent to you from GLO.
You currently have no shared data subscription with contact

How to share data on GLO

An Android phone without data could be useless. Your friend maybe broke and needs data to chat maybe on WhatsApp and you wish you could help him/her out. If he/she uses GLO, you can actually be of help by sharing your data.
To share your data with another GLO subscriber;
By USSD code
  1. Open your phone dialer
  2. Simply dial *127*01*[friend’s number]# e.g. *127*01*07056898673#
  3. Then send it
  4. You’ll get a confirmation message that you’ve successfully shared you data with the number.
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Shared subscription successfully
  1. Open your phone messaging app
  2. Type Add [friends number] e.g. Add 07056898673
  3. Send it to 127

How to Unshare your shared Data subscription on GLO

If you eventually dial the code to check the list of numbers or contacts sharing your data with you and notice that you didn’t add one or more of the number to share your data, you can easily unshare your data
By USSD code
  1. Open your phone dialer
  2. Dial *127*02*[the person’s number]# e.g. *127*02*07056898673#
  3. Then you’ll receive a message that you’ve successfully unshared your data with the number.
Removed number successfully
  1. Open your phone messaging app
  2. Enter Remove [the person’s name number] e.g. Remove 07056898673
  3. You have successfully unshared your data subscription with the person.
Other method to Unshare/Share your data subscription and also check the list of contacts sharing your data subscription with you.
You might have issues using the USSD code or SMS method. Don’t worry, you can visit using the GLO sim to share or unshare your data subscription. It’s fast and easier. You can also find your package and purchase data from
To share or unshare data on, 
  • Click on the three dashes at top right corner of the screen
  • Click Account, you’ll find a list of contacts sharing your data
  • Click “X” at the side of each contact to kick a person out of your shared data. 

Note: you can only unshare your shared subscription when you have a minimum of 200mb worth of data on your GLO sim.

This might have been the reason you were trying to unshare your shared subscription and it’s seems not to responding. The 200mb only cost N200 and it’s valid for 4days.
With that all said, I hope you can now easily share and unshare your data subscription without any issues.
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